Coach’s Game Plan

Coach's Game Plan

Coach's Game Plan 

The difference between great teams and average teams often comes down to the quality of the coach. A great coach can take any team of rag-tag blems and turn them into champions. Go from boss to coach and gain a competitive advantage over your competition.



Learn what makes your people tick and use it daily to internally and externally motivate them to greatness.


Become that great coach who gives their people direction and inspiration to take action to achieve their dreams.


Push the right buttons with your people. Challenge them to become better than they ever thought they could be.


Curriculum & Details


This course is meant for sales managers who are prepared to make the mental shift from being a boss to being a mentor and coach. In this workshop, we’ll take a good look in the mirror to evaluate our own abilities, take stock of the current dealership playing field, then roll up our sleeves with hands-on role plays to advance skills. When attendees return to the store they will have a game plan to execute immediately. They will know how to inspire action, motivate, and hold their team accountable.

  • Creating a winning culture
  • Building the emotional bank account of salespeople
  • Coach vs. Manager vs. Boss
  • Making the mental shift from boss to coach
  • Difference between training and coaching
  • Questions a coach must ask themselves daily
  • Types of one-on-ones
  • Creating internal motivation
  • Externally motivating salespeople
  • Holding skill development coaching sessions
  • Structure of daily, monthly, quarterly and annual One-On-Ones
  • Using the Coach’s Playbook and Sales Playbook to hold One-On-Ones
  • Mistakes that kill One-On-Ones
  • Inspiring salespeople to take action NOW
  • Sales department appraisal
  • Sales department report with areas to improve or reinforce
  • Coach’s self-evaluation
  • Coach’s self-improvement plan of attack
  • Individual salesperson assessments
  • Using sales assessments to coach
  • One-on-one roleplays
  • Coaching breakouts
  • 2 days
  • Starting at $1,497
  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • 9-4 daily
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Workbook, Notepad and Pen
  • Coach’s Playbook
  • Management SWAG
  • Topgolf venue where possible

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“Best training program out there for salesman in that automotive industry! Love watching the videos on KintzNow before work to get my mind right. Keep up the awesome job!”

Taylor Hopkins, Sales Consultant, Crown Motors

“I’ve been in the industry 30+ years and Tim’s the best trainer I’ve been around and I’ve been through many. That’s why we’re with him now. We followed him based on his experience, energy and just the way he comes across. I would recommend this course for dealers, dealer principals, general managers, sales managers, finance managers, any manager that ever gets involved in training or teaching sales managers.”

Gary Glauser, Sales Manager, Fred Beans Ford, Lincoln

“KintzNOW is the greatest thing ever. If you have it, don’t lose it. You need it, get it. You’ve got to have it. It’s the greatest training ever. Tim’s negotiation process is super. It’s better than anything we’ve ever had. We’re learning it here at Vaden Nissan in Savannah. It’s a great process. It’ll help you with gross. It’ll help you close customers. It’s the greatest thing ever. Tim is the man!

Coach, Sales Manager, Fred Beans Toyota

“Most sale trainers sell you a system, Tim helps you build a custom training program for your team and serves as a coach and mentor and you can’t put a price on that!!”

Anande Michael Gaiter, Sales Manager, Volume Hyundai

“GREAT training and refresher with Tim. Doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or been around forever, no one knows it all, but we’re GREAT at forgetting it all!! This business changes too quick! When you know it all, move on….Walmart’s hiring!!!”

Scott Graham, Sales Manager, Gene’s Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

“I keep hitting homerun deals thanks to Coach Kintz.”

Kean Williams, Sales Manager, Vaden Nissan of Savannah

“Excellent training. Highly recommended. If you are in the car business, and you want to improve, you will need this. This is the best investment to growth in your career, not only to increase the monthly units but also to hold your gross.”

Gilbert Escudero, Sales Consultant, Street Toyota

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