Lead Generation and Lead Management

Lead Generation Lead Management Class

Advanced Automotive Inbound Lead Conversion, Follow-Up, and Prospecting

Maximize incoming phone and internet leads, generate endless floor traffic, and relentlessly follow up to retain customers for life.


Turn clicks and calls into appointments, with internet leads landing in the dealership and phone ups that show up.


Become recession proof. Talk to fewer people and sell more cars by creating a name for yourself and building a business within a business.


Brand loyalty is dead. Dealership and sales consultant loyalty is king. Turn one-time customers into lifetime customers. Long live the king.


Curriculum & Details


This advanced course is meant for automotive salespeople who want to guarantee their success, build their business and become recession proof. It is a workshop with multiple breakouts and role play sessions to advance knowledge and action. Here salespeople will learn to prospect and generate business from their community, turn incoming inquiries into appointments that show, bring back and close people who left without buying and effectively manage their customers' trade cycle. When attendees return to the store they will have the knowledge and confidence to be the most productive they can be day in and day out, turning a sales job into a sales career.

  • Building a niche in the community
  • Finding business outside of the store
  • Selling from the service drive
  • Trade cycle management
  • Turning the incoming sales call and internet inquiry into appointments that show
  • Replacing old-school phone tactics with pattern interruption
  • Create separation between you and your competitors  
  • Handle the toughest price questions with confidence
  • Close the unsold working prospect
  • Turn “be-backs” into greenbacks
  • Long-term follow-up for Relentless Retention and loyalty
  • Filling the funnel to generate endless prospects
  • Salesperson’s marketing guide to becoming a dealership within a dealership
  • Social media and snail mail strategies to build your business
  • Actions and activities for generating and managing leads daily using the Sales Playbook
  • 2 day
  • $1,197
  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • 9-5
  • Certificate of Badass Status
  • Workbook, Notepad, and Pen
  • Sales SWAG

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“Best training program out there for salesman in that automotive industry! Love watching the videos on KintzNow before work to get my mind right. Keep up the awesome job!”

Taylor Hopkins, Sales Consultant, Crown Motors

“I’ve been in the industry 30+ years and Tim’s the best trainer I’ve been around and I’ve been through many. That’s why we’re with him now. We followed him based on his experience, energy and just the way he comes across. I would recommend this course for dealers, dealer principals, general managers, sales managers, finance managers, any manager that ever gets involved in training or teaching sales managers.”

Gary Glauser, Sales Manager, Fred Beans Ford, Lincoln

“KintzNOW is the greatest thing ever. If you have it, don’t lose it. You need it, get it. You’ve got to have it. It’s the greatest training ever. Tim’s negotiation process is super. It’s better than anything we’ve ever had. We’re learning it here at Vaden Nissan in Savannah. It’s a great process. It’ll help you with gross. It’ll help you close customers. It’s the greatest thing ever. Tim is the man!

Coach, Sales Manager, Fred Beans Toyota

“Most sale trainers sell you a system, Tim helps you build a custom training program for your team and serves as a coach and mentor and you can’t put a price on that!!”

Anande Michael Gaiter, Sales Manager, Volume Hyundai

“GREAT training and refresher with Tim. Doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or been around forever, no one knows it all, but we’re GREAT at forgetting it all!! This business changes too quick! When you know it all, move on….Walmart’s hiring!!!”

Scott Graham, Sales Manager, Gene’s Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

“I keep hitting homerun deals thanks to Coach Kintz.”

Kean Williams, Sales Manager, Vaden Nissan of Savannah

“Excellent training. Highly recommended. If you are in the car business, and you want to improve, you will need this. This is the best investment to growth in your career, not only to increase the monthly units but also to hold your gross.”

Gilbert Escudero, Sales Consultant, Street Toyota

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