You never get a second chance at a first impression

A biker, a college kid, and a hipster walk into a dealership… It sounds like the start of a joke, but how we interact with our customers is no laughing matter. You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. You can always improve on it, but you can’t redo it. Every […]

How To Master the Art of Negotiation

Now more than ever, customers are armed with information and have become formidable negotiators. As a result, profitability is now more difficult and it’s more critical than ever to be able to execute a successful win-win negotiation. Poor negotiation skills are fine when the economy is rocking and people are out buying cars, but that […]

Motivational Techniques for the Unmotivated

Motivational Techniques for the Unmotivated

In baseball, like in dealerships, managers practice one of two drastically different motivational techniques. Back in the day, the day being the late 1980’s, my premiere college baseball team’s manager and coach separately operated using the opposite approaches. Of course, they shared a passion for the sport, but that’s where the commonalities ended. So how […]

Tim Kintz NADA 2019

Motivate the Unmotivated: Contests and Games to Elevate Sales NADA Show 2019

In today’s fast-paced culture of social media, texting, and video, it’s more difficult than ever to hold people’s attention and keep them engaged. What does this mean for you and your sales team? If your salespeople don’t want to grow their skills and win, then they can’t reach their top sales numbers, and they can’t […]

Goals Setting

Goal Setting

The importance of goal setting is crucial, yet too many of us tend to play the game called Someday. Someday, I’ll set my goals. Someday, I’ll write my plans. Someday is the enemy. Someday always turns into One of These Days which inevitably turns into None of These Days. The best goal setting is always […]

Sales Stats

Sabermetrics in the Dealership: Knowing Your Sales Stats

What is sales if not a game of skill, statistics and numbers? Just like baseball, you can only control the game by honing your skills AND leveraging your sales stats. If you don’t, the game will control you. That’s the cold hard truth. I’d wager to bet, you know your home team’s stats better than […]

Leading the Sales Process Kintz Group

Leading the Sales Process

Maintaining control throughout the sales process is crucial, but it’s not always easy. Sometimes, a customer will walk on your lot and start bombarding you with questions. Instinctually you’ll want to answer them. This is normal. It’s a habit we need to break in the car industry though. Control your Sales Process, control your Goals, […]

Feed the Beast Grow your Dealership

Feed the Beast: Grow the Dealership

The future of our traditional dealership model is at a turning point. If you want to grow the dealership, it’s time for an honest appraisal of technology’s role in our sales process. We don’t have the luxury of thinking of it as our salvation any longer. We must innovate, evolve and dictate technology’s tie to […]

Kintz Group X-Factor for Salespeople

The X-Factor in Salespeople: Triple Crown Model

What is it that makes some salespeople more successful than others? Take two salespeople standing side by side, both well dressed, clean cut, certified on their product, given the same amount of leads and selling from the exact same inventory. One succeeds and consistently sells 25% more than the other. Why is it that you […]

Hire the Best Salespeople Every Time

Short Staffed or Wrong Staffed, How to Hire the Best Salespeople

Why do we treat our dealerships as if they have revolving doors with concern to our salespeople? It’s costing your dealership precious resources- your reputation within your community, your sales team morale, and your bottom line. We have no choice but to modernize the way we hire, train and care for our salespeople. “The days […]

Sales Manager Daily Plan of Action

Sales Manager’s Daily Plan of Action

Every day at the dealership, as a sales manager, it can feel like a grind when spending the entire day putting out fires, chasing stips for F&I, and not feeling like there’s enough time to get everything done. If this is the case, you might find yourself asking, “What am I doing wrong?” and “What […]

NADA 2018 Kintz Group

NADA Las Vegas 2018

NADA 2018 Speaker Tim Kintz

Feed the Beast and Fuel the Future NADA Show 2018

The traditional dealership model is at a turning point. We’re experiencing competition from new fronts. Will we do what’s necessary to lead our stores to new horizons or allow others to render us obsolete and eventually extinct? It’s no longer just the dealership down the street, there are new players and disruptors like Amazon, Walmart […]

Velocity of the deal

It’s time to speed up the car buying process

Why does it have to take so long to buy a car? It’s time for a change in the industry, it’s time to speed up the car buying process. I was in Philadelphia recently when I drove by a quick lube that made me reflect on a time when quick lubes weren’t so prolific and […]

Managing a Generation

Managing Millennials or Managing People

There’s a misconception that Millennials are exclusively lazy, entitled, unmotivated and uncompetitive. We forget the millennials who’ve excelled in sports, tech, sales and, not to mention, those who’ve heard the call and are sacrificing all for a few. How many people in your sales team would you label as unmotivated and uncompetitive? Are they all […]

The art of leveraging the emotions of a deal.

We’ve been lucky in the car business the last couple of years. Many of us are doing well in spite of ourselves. The market is driving our sales and lots of customers are coming onto our lot and buying, but they’re not necessarily being sold. This is great until the bubble bursts, are your salespeople […]

Unlock your Potential

There’s a guaranteed way to become a top closer and the best salesperson at your dealership, your company, and your brand. Regardless of the sales process, sales methodology or tips you follow, your key to success in sales relies on two critical factors; consistency and repetition.  In the car business, it’s easy to get caught up […]

Start with a Dream, End with Action.

When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? An astronaut, a police officer, the captain of a battleship? I wanted to be a Big League baseball player. I knew, just knew I was going to be one. Then one day I woke up and I was suddenly in […]

Be a Leader NOW

Becoming a more Effective Leader is Yours for the Taking.

No one accomplishes greatness alone. You need your team, but more importantly, your team needs YOU. Your team is as good as they’re going to get on their own. It’s time to rise up and become the leader you were born to be. Take a minute and picture this: every salesperson on your team from […]

Consistency and Repetition

It’s all about consistency and repetition.

There’s a guaranteed way to become a top closer and the best salesperson at your dealership, your company, and your brand. It can be applied to multiple positions in the automobile business from car sales, management, training, and on to leadership. It’s simple, but not always easy.Regardless of the sales process, sales methodology or tips […]

Take Control Of Your Future NOW

Take Control of Your Future, NOW.

Who do you want to determine your future; you or someone else? Of course YOU do, but is it going to happen just because you hope it does, or are you going to get out there, take action, and make it happen?Like the Founding Fathers who wrote the Declaration of Independence some 240 years ago […]

Don't Spend Another Dime On Advertising

Don’t Spend Another Dime on Advertising

Are you tired of spending tens of thousands of dollars in advertising every month, only to send motivated customers into the store to be met by unmotivated, untrained or unprepared sales people, who end up sending 60-80% of that traffic down the street to buy from competitors? Me too. It’s time to stop throwing good […]