Managing a Generation

Managing Millennials or Managing People

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There’s a misconception that Millennials are exclusively lazy, entitled, unmotivated and uncompetitive. We forget the millennials who’ve excelled in sports, tech, sales and, not to mention, those who’ve heard the call and are sacrificing all for a few. How many people in your sales team would you label as unmotivated and uncompetitive? Are they all Millennials? Or are they Baby Boomers, Gen Y or Gen X?


It’s not a generational gap, it’s a motivational gap.

Stop wasting time and energy attempting to manage generations and start managing people. Utilize what motivates each person on an individual basis rather than an all assuming generalization. As managers, we should all be taking the time to understand what incentivizes each member of our team. Let that knowledge develop and drive your internal motivation practices.


Never forget, as managers it’s our job to lead, develop, manage and motivate.


How well your team performs depends on how well you lead. When in doubt, look to Rocky’s trainer, Mickey, for inspiration. Mickey used Rocky’s desire to go the distance to motivate him to go out there and fight the Champ, Apollo Creed. That’s your job in the dealership.


The first step in developing a great team, is to spend time with them. It can be as simple as a 1-on-1 or as inclusive as dealership training.


It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole of paperwork and become tunnel visioned, held up in your office all day. Busy being busy. It’s worth a reminder, that nothing is more important than our people. Great sales teams are made of people from across generations by great leaders, mentors and coaches.


In the end, we need to take responsibility for our salespeople like Mickey took responsibility for Rocky. Remember, for there to be a salesperson as powerful as Rocky, there has to be a manager as powerful as Mickey.


If your team isn’t great, take the responsibility and make it so.

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