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Teaching your salespeople how to become top performers.

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Managers, are you doing everything you can to create a team of Top Performers?

Let’s face it, this business takes guts. It also takes the right skills and the right practice. That’s why we’ve developed this highly interactive, 2-day workshop so your salespeople can leave with the knowledge and the techniques to become Top Performers. Whether they’re new to the business or have been in it for years, this workshop provides the tools to improve their performance.

During this hands-on, 2-day sales training workshop we provide everything your salespeople need to thrive in this business.

  • Where are we missing deals, the potential and opportunity
  • Tapping into your greater purpose to build the most successful career possible
  • Deal makers and breakers, effective communication
  • Leverage the 4 Factors for success: Attitude, Enthusiasm, Effort, and Energy
  • Dress for success, professionalism
  • Transitioning from being a transactional salesperson to a relational salesperson
  • Delivering exceptional customer experiences to every guest
  • Syncing the selling process with the buying process
  • Set up winning negotiations with the pre-demo trade walk
  • Verbal Judo, the art of controlling the sale
  • Avoiding the price trap, maximizing value and bypassing
  • Leveraging the emotions of a car deal
  • Mental ownership before physical ownership, high impact presentation demonstration
  • Closing questions to get ink on paper or flush out hidden objections
  • Turning objections into opportunities, keep the conversation moving and close the sale
  • Setting up the negotiation and what to bring to the desk
  • The actions and activities for setting up a successful year, quarter, month, and day using the Sales Playbook

This is NOT Your
Average Training

View Upcoming Workshops

Here's the deal: selling takes courage and this 2-day experience is no different.

This isn’t a workshop. It’s a DO-shop. If your people are looking for a class where they just sit back and relax for 8 hours a day while someone talks at them, this is NOT the workshop for them. Now, if they’re ready to dive in, roll up their sleeves, and get to work learning and practicing selling techniques that will transform them into the top performer they want to be, you’re going to want to grab them a seat.

What Past Attendees Are Saying

Jacob Burns

“Tim’s sales workshop was very educational for me as I am new to the car business. I recommend this workshop to anyone who is looking to learn the sales process or sharpen their selling skills!! I will be coming back. If you are on his KintzNOW platform he is even better in person!!”

Cy Whitmore

By far some of the best sales training I’ve ever been a part of. The entire team is phenomenal, and whether you’re a manager or just a sales rep all of this training is beneficial and relevant. Brandon by far was the one that persistently, kept working with our dealership to get us involved in this training, and we can’t thank him enough for his determination to help us reach new heights as a dealership. Buy or die Baby!”

James Millby

“In all honesty I have to say in all the training our Corporation has gone through and all the sales people and managers we sent across the country to increase their skill set the Kintz Group has by far gone above and beyond any other company has them before. They have our sales staff engaged, inspired, and we are fostering a culture of urgency and positivity.”


  • Pre-Class Assignments
  • How to Develop Stable Growth in an Unstable Market
  • Understanding Today's Buyer
  • Traits Customers Do and Don't Like in a Salesperson
  • Selling Skills for Top Performance
  • How to Effectively Communicate
  • Five Types of Questions to Close More Sales
  • Bypassing Price: Maintaining the Integrity of the Sale
  • Setting Price Aside Exercise for Personal Development
  • The Sales Quadrant Steps for Success
  • Building Value: Selling Above the Competition
  • The Value Quadrant
  • The Closing and Commitment Quadrant
  • Overcoming Objections
  • The Negotiation Quadrant
  • Personal Development Plan

Meet Your Instructor

Working for a well-respected training company for thirteen years, Tim Kintz traveled the world, taking the same messages about sales and management techniques from state to state. While the lessons learned over those years were priceless, Tim realized that hotel training was a path to irrelevance. Technology was evolving the industry at a rapid pace, and it was time to tackle a new challenge before the old one got too stale.

Since then, Tim has developed hands-on training techniques and real-world sales processes that actually work. He has delivered presentations around the world, from Russia to Puerto Rico and all over North America. Hundreds of dealerships are actively and successfully using his methods and materials to level up their skills and create faster, easier, and more relevant experiences in line with the high expectations customers have today.

portrait of tim kintz

Upcoming Workshops

January 16th-17th | Atlanta, GA

Want to Get Started Now?

KintzNow is the premier online selling program designed for today's auto industry.

  • Effective Management
  • Games, Spiffs, and Bonuses
  • Foundations of Management
  • Fearless Leadership
  • Convert and Close Incoming Sales Call
  • Incoming Sales Call Quadrant 1 - Intro & Redirect
  • Incoming Sales Call Quadrant 2 - Create Separation
  • Incoming Sales Call Quadrant 3 - Close on the Appointment
  • Incoming Sales Call Quadrant 4 - Overcoming Objections
  • Call Converter
  • Digital Buyer
  • Unsold Follow-Up - Turning Be-Backs Into Greenbacks
  • Convert and Close Internet Leads
  • KintzNOW Fast Start
  • Quick Start to High Performance Selling
  • Selling Skills for Top Performances
  • Quadrant 1: Setting the Stage
  • Quadrant 2: High Impact Presentations
  • Quadrant 3: Closing & Objections
  • Quadrant 4: Tips on Negotiating
  • Sales Playbook: Maximizing Productivity
  • Motivation
  • And more…

Studies show that a blended learning experience of live and on-demand training yields greater results for you and your team.

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