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Grab your seat to our next workshop on 3/18-3/19  in Indianapolis, IN.

This interactive course is meant for automotive salespeople who want to build upon their skillset and experience, and are committed to becoming the best of the best. It is a workshop with multiple breakouts and role play sessions to advance their knowledge into hard wired skill sets. Here, salespeople will learn to speed up the velocity of the deal without sacrificing the integrity of the sale, maximizing every opportunity. When attendees walk out they will have the confidence and competence to handle any customer scenario from the biggest lay-down to the most challenging grinder.

7 reviews for High Performance Sales Workshop

  1. Rick Kruger

    At our training session in Indianapolis at top golf the support staff that put on the event was great. Tim is much better in person to understand then the videos. At the live event you can really get a first-hand feel of Tim’s energy and emotion. If you ever have the opportunity to go to a live event, do yourself and go!

  2. Matt Crull

    The whole experience is amazing, casual yet educational. Tim givies you the tools to succeed not only in the car business but outside as well 10/10

  3. Brandon Clay

    I had an excellent time learning from Tim about the ins and outs of high performance selling. After seeing how dedicated Brandon was at getting us in, and with all his great tactics, I knew this training would be very beneficial. Can’t wait to come back for more!

  4. Chancellor Tuites

    Mr. Kintz and The Kintz Group do a fantastic job Isolating Sales training to the basic steps and create more ways to do it. Enjoy the company and I’m happy with what I can take home. Well done Brandon for hooking us up with the opportunity!

  5. James Milby

    In all honesty I have to say in all the training our Corporation has gone through and all the sales people and managers we sent across the country to increase their skill set the Kintz Group has by far gone above and beyond any other company has them before. They have our sales staff engaged, inspired, and we are fostering a culture of urgency and positivity. Thanks Brandon insuring the legacy of our dealership!

  6. Jacob Burns

    Tims sales workshop was very educational for me as i am new to the car business. I recommend this workshop to anyone who is looking to learn the sales process or sharpen their selling skills!! I will be coming back. If you are on his KintzNOW platform he is even better in person!!

  7. Cy Whitmore

    By far some of the best sales training I’ve ever been a part of. The entire team is phenomenal, and whether you’re a manager or just a sales rep all of this training is beneficial and relevant. Brandon by far was the one that persistently, kept working with our dealership to get us involved in this training, and we can’t thank him enough for his determination to help us reach new heights as a dealership. Buy or die Baby!

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