A One-of-a-Kind Solution to a Problem you didn’t know could be fixed

What if we told you you could increase customer retention, maximize the products you are already selling, and double your current overall finance PVR all without changing a thing?

Sounds impossible right? Well, not anymore. AssetPRO is a tool designed to improve the way you sell your appearance protection products and increase your profit margins along the way.

The Simplest Way to Increase Penetration on Appearance Protection Bundles.

We have several dealers running 35%-40% penetration on appearance protection bundles using AssetPRO… these same dealers were running 5%-7% prior to pairing with us. AssetPRO makes it easy.

It's a Win/Win

Customer Benefits:

  • Helps Keep the Vehicle in Like-New Condition
  • Transfers the Risk
  • Creates Worry-Free Ownership
  • More Money For Your Trade
  • Creates Down Payment Assistance
  • Customers Gets 100% of the Product for 35% of the Cost

Dealership Benefits:

  • Increase Profit
  • Increase F&I Product Penetration
  • Improve Salesperson Retention
  • Spend Less Time & Money In Reconditioning
  • Gives the Customer a True Financial Reason to Do Business with You Over Your Competitors

All the Benefits, None of the Headache

Use Your Existing Products

The packages are created and customized based on your current products which means this is a tool that will help increase product sales as opposed to take away from them.

Increased Customer Retention

Not only does this encourage your customers to bring their trade back to your dealership, but it ensures they frequently come back to your stores to take care of dents, dings, stains, and more.

A Non-Cancellable Product

Say goodbye to canceled contracts that cost you money. AssetPRO is non-cancellable so the profit you make from it is the profit you keep.

Branded To Your Dealership

Relabel AssetPRO using your own branding to create a product that is unique to your dealership.

How it Works for your Customers

Ready to Gain a Competitive Advantage Over Other Dealers in your Market?

Lock-in your customers with AssetPRO. It's a win/win and the surefire way to set yourself apart from the competition.

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