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Solve A Major Customer Pain Point And Boost Profits At The Same Time

AssetPRO makes this possible. This customer-funded product provides lifetime coverage on parts and labor for as long as they own the vehicle… Giving your customers worry free ownership and your service department consistent growth in profits.

*Profits vary based on monthly RO’s

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No Tricks - No Gimmicks - No Pain
Just A Value Added Product That Delivers Results

Customer Benefits:

  • Peace Of Mind Ownership
  • Lifetime Coverage on Parts & Labor
  • Builds Loyalty
  • Adds Value
  • Big Benefits/Small Investment

Dealership Benefits:

  • Builds Customer Retention
  • Creates Distinction
  • Increases Dollars Per RO
  • Rewards Service Advisors
  • Boosts Service Department Profits

The Service Department Product that sells itself.

Do your customers resist writing a check for costly repairs? AssetPRO takes the pain out of auto repairs by guaranteeing future repair coverage for pennies on the dollar.

Additionally, it operates as an Opt-Out product. This means the coverage gets automatically calculated into your service ticket total, making selling it a breeze. All your service advisor has to do is present it to the customer. No hard selling. No extra work.

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Here's How it Works

AssetPRO is an easy-to-implement, even easier-to-use, repeatable product for your service department. By inputting a single code into your DMS, your service advisor kick-starts the cycle that keeps your customers coming back and your dealership earning cash.

AssetPRO Key Features

Customer Funded Product

There is no financial risk or initial investment by the dealership so that means there is zero cost to the dealership until the customer buys the “Repaired For Life” protection plan.

No Startup Cost

Unlike many aftermarket products and services, AssetPRO has no setup fee which means less risk and more profits. No Tricks - No Gimmicks - Just Full Transparency!

Pain-Free Integration

We eliminate the frustrations and challenges that are often encountered when setting up a new product or service so you can start selling AssetPRO quickly, allowing you to realize its benefits sooner.

Seamless Selling Process

We’ll train your team on a seamless selling process that ensures the customers encounter minimal friction during the buying journey. This positive experience leads to higher customer satisfaction, increased loyalty, and more repeat business.

No Preauthorization Hassles

We’ve eliminated the preauthorization hassles so you can deliver a more efficient, customer-centric, and responsive environment. You can now make decisions seamlessly, resulting in a positive impact on both satisfaction and outcomes.

Opt-Out Product

AssetPRO is a fully transparent product that is included on the repair order by default. As with all opt-out products it is important to clearly communicate the benefits, terms, and charges for customers to opt-out if they wish.

Ready to gain a competitive advantage over other Service Departments in your market?

Lock-in your customers and profits with AssetPRO. It’s a win/win and the surefire way to set yourself apart from the competition.

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