Please Read Before Engaging with KintzNOW LLC Training

KintzNOW, LLC. Sales & Management training course materials, content sessions and online presentations (the “KintzNOW Content”) are intended for educational purposes only. You are responsible for ensuring that your use of the KintzNOW Content complies with federal, state, and local law, and your dealership’s policies and procedures. Nothing provided to you whether in writing, lecture, video, audio, e-mail, text message, through social media, casual conversation, or by any other means, is to be relied upon as legal authority regarding compliance with the laws of your jurisdiction. You should not act or refrain from acting on the basis of any information provided without seeking the appropriate legal or other professional advice in your jurisdiction. KintzNOW, LLC. Sales & Management Training accepts no responsibility for any loss or damages which may arise from reliance on any information provided, and expressly disclaims, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, any and all liability for acts or omissions made by you on the basis of such information.

Nothing contained herein is intended to promote any concerted action among or between competitors, or to encourage any action on the part of dealers, that would tend to restrict output, or to fix or establish any element of the price, of any goods or services offered by them. You assume all risk of loss and damage resulting from your use of KintzNOW Content.

• SINGLE LOCATION SITE LICENSE: This is a single location site license and is only for the named dealership at the address listed in the KintzNOW order DocuSign and is only for use by and for the employees physically working at this location.

• CANCELLATIONS: NO EARLY CANCELLATIONS. Service is provided on a calendar month basis and cannot be prorated for a portion of a month. This account may only be canceled after the initial term subscription and only with 45 days’ advance written cancellation notice (“cancellation notice”). The cancellation notice must be received by the 15th of a month in order to cancel service by the end of the following month. Upon receipt of the cancellation notice, a final billing will be made for any unbilled service and will be charged in accordance with the payment option selected above.

• MONTH TO MONTH: Unless the agreement is renewed 30 days prior to the end of your term agreement, your subscription converts to a month-to-month term and the monthly subscription fees will be subject to the current price structure at that time.

• NON-PAYMENT: Upon non-payment of monthly subscription fees or other authorized charges when due, the full balance of the term agreement, plus any other outstanding charges due will be charged to the payment option listed in the KintzNOW, LLC DocuSign or invoiced directly to the dealership and are due upon receipt. All user access will be deactivated immediately until valid payment is received for all outstanding balances.

• CHANGE IN PAYMENT INFORMATION: It is the responsibility of the customer to notify Kintz Group Sales and Management Training, LLC. of any changes to the payment option information listed in the KintzNOW DocuSign. In the event the payment option information is deemed invalid and another automatic payment option for all recurring charges is not set up prior to the 1st of the following month, the full balance of the term agreement, plus any other outstanding charges will be invoiced directly to the dealership and are due upon receipt. All user access will be deactivated immediately until valid payment is received for all outstanding balances.

• REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds. Customer hereby agrees not to request or institute any charge backs.

• SITE LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT: Licensor owns the KintzNOW Online Training Program (“Products”); including related copyrights, trademarks and business methods; Licensor is in the business of licensing the Products to companies in various markets for the purpose of training and education. Licensor retains all ownership rights and title to copyrights including the techniques and the instructions (“Works”); and the Licensor is the owner of all processes, patentable or otherwise in the Products as a business method (“Methods”). Licensor hereby grants Licensee a limited use license to use the Products for internal use only at participating locations indicated herein for the term of this Agreement and under the term of this Agreement (the “License”). Client may not use the Products at any other locations, whether owned by Client or not.

• INDEMNITY, CONFIDENTIALITY, NON-CIRCUMVENTION: Client agrees to indemnify and hold Licensor harmless against any loss, expense, or damages incurred by Licensor because of claims relating to or arising from Client conduct, including without limitation (a) any breach of this Agreement by Client; (b) any illegal violation of the intellectual property rights of any third party under copyright, trademark or patent law of the United States or any other country. Client agrees to safeguard Licensor’s Confidential Information to the best of their ability from unauthorized disclosure, access, use and misappropriation.



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