In Dealership Automotive Sales & Management Training

Tailor-made automotive sales training solutions designed for your dealership. We come to you to accelerate skill development, create new processes, enhance the customer experience and boost sales. Our in-house training is perfect for you if you’re wanting to improve your team’s performance while saving the expense of traveling to workshops. Whether you’re a large dealer group looking for private workshops or interested in an ongoing training partner, we can make it happen.


Team Building

Building great teams doesn’t happen by accident, it’s a series of intentional actions. Group training creates chemistry, competition, fun & accountability.

Time & Convenience

Time is the new commodity for any business, and the more time that your team can spend at the dealership, the more productive they will be.

Customizable & Flexible

We generate training programs for you, that perfectly fit what you sell, how you sell and to whom you sell, generated to your specific needs.

Cost Efficient

Training your entire team at one location while delivering an exceptional learning experience delivers tremendous value and cost benefits.

Pick Your Plan

If you’re just looking for a one time boost in sales, this program isn’t for you. This is the most popular option with our in-house dealerships because it creates sustainable competitive advantages. We work directly with you to identify your greatest areas of opportunity, ideal number of training days and budget to create your tailor-made solution. Once your training blueprint is developed the program is then broken down into five Stages starting with an in-dealership analysis prior to the training kickoff. Throughout the program your team will have ongoing communication with a dedicated Performance Coach to maximize results and ensure accountability.

Stage One: 360° In-Dealership Assessment

We visit your dealership in person to map out your current sales and management processes. This starts by observing areas such as customer interaction, the negotiation process, long term retention and digital retailing. After meeting with the Dealer, GM, Managers and Salespeople we provide a comprehensive assessment of your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth.

Stage Two: Leadership Training Kickoff

Great teams have great leaders and this is step one to creating a culture of continuous growth. Maximizing the true potential of a team doesn’t happen by accident, it happens when the coaches have the necessary skills to lead, motivate and manage their people. Every manager in the sales department, including F&I will learn how to facilitate effective training, hold productive one-on-ones, prioritize activities, desk deals and create internal motivation.

Stage Three: Sales Training Kickoff

Training is something you do, not something you did! Stage three kicks off the ongoing sales training that is designed to develop the selling skills needed to get the results you want. Throughout this process your team will learn what it takes to be successful, how to close, overcome objections, negotiate, retain customers and communicate digitally. Every manager & salesperson will participate in this training that will be held over 12 – 24 months.

Stage Four: Coaching, Execution, & Accountability

Sustainable results happen between visits. Stage Four kicks off the tools, games & competitions necessary to build teamwork. Your Performance Coach will design a custom training schedule that will be used to hold in-store training, one-on-one coaching and individual skill development between visits. They will also launch games & tools such as Heavy Hitters, Vegas Volley Line and PlayBooks to create fun, competition and consistency.

Stage Five: In-Dealership Coaching

This is where we roll up our sleeves and work side by side with your team. We work directly with your salespeople and managers on the floor to help with the execution of processes and skills. We coach your managers as they train, hold one-on-ones and work deals to make sure everyone’s on the same page. We’ll also work directly with your salespeople to help maximize their true potential by honing their skills and developing productive work habits.

If you want private in-house workshops without a long term commitment, this option is for you. We work directly with you to design the perfect training solution to accelerate skill development, enhance the customer experience and increase sales. Our private workshops will improve your team’s performance while saving the expense of traveling. Whether you’re looking for leadership training or sales training, we can make it happen.

Manager Workshops

Leading & Managing Unbreakable Teams

Your team is as good as they’ll get on their own. It’s time to become the Fearless Leader your team needs and deserves. Be the manager your team will run through a brick wall for instead of being the brick wall!

This workshop is rooted in real-world, relevant experiences that are changing, challenging and disrupting our industry. It’s highly interactive with multiple breakouts and role play sessions that increase buy-in, advance knowledge and inspire action. Participants will take a hard look in the mirror, reset expectations, reimagine their processes, and learn to maximize their most valuable resource — their people. Learn to develop a culture of accountability, prioritize your day, grow and retain your people, and use competition to bring the fun back to selling. You will walk away with an action plan of techniques, systems and processes to implement immediately so you can get results NOW!

Desking & Negotiating for Volume and Gross

The choice is simple: either negotiate from a position of strength or a position of weakness. Your desking and negotiation process will determine which position you take.

Customers are armed with more information than ever before and have become formidable negotiators, often more skilled than our people. As a result, profitability is now more difficult than in the past. It’s more critical than ever to be able to execute a successful win-win negotiation. Weak negotiating skills may be fine when the economy is rocking and people are buying cars but that doesn’t fly when we actually have to sell cars. To remain relevant and profitable it is time to rethink our desking and negotiating processes. In this workshop managers learn how to set up successful negotiations, establish accountability and create fast, frictionless transactions. When attendees return to their stores, they will have the skills, knowledge, tools, and confidence to maximize profits while increasing volume.

Train The Trainer

Your job gets easier when your people get better and the only way to get better is with an effective, purposeful and consistent training program. Training is a culture – not an event!

This course is meant for managers and trainers who are ready to create a culture of continuous improvement. This workshop isn’t for the faint of heart; it’s a hard-core, all-encompassing course filled with educational content, role-plays, drills and hands-on applications that transform great sales managers into great sales trainers. This is where managers push past their comfort zone. They will plan, prepare and execute a number of skill-based training meetings in front of the class, with coaching, feedback, and positive reinforcement following each meeting. When attendees return to their stores, they will know how to develop training sessions that create buy-in, increase retention, and generate positive change.

Sales Workshops

High Performance Sales

Unleash your potential, knock out the competition and become the best-in-class sales professional you were born to be. Take control of your career and start maximizing your potential NOW!

This interactive course is meant for automotive salespeople who want to build upon their skill sets and experiences and are committed to becoming the best of the best. This workshop has multiple breakouts and role play sessions that transform knowledge into hard-wired skills. Here, salespeople learn to speed up their deals without sacrificing the sale’s integrity and maximize every opportunity. When attendees walk out, they will have the confidence and competence to handle any customer scenario from the biggest lay down to the most challenging grinder.

Closing & Negotiating With Purpose

Volume is our job and gross determines how well you do it. Turn negotiating fear into negotiating fun and make your future Frictionless!

This advanced course is for automotive salespeople and managers who are ready to take their closing and negotiating to the next level. This is a highly interactive workshop with multiple breakouts and role play sessions that make maximizing gross and opportunities second nature. Develop the instinct for knowing the perfect words and techniques necessary to execute bigger, better and quicker deals. When attendees leave, they will have the confidence, knowledge, and techniques to close more sales and hold more gross, while delivering a world-class customer experience.

Digital Communication & Trade Cycle Management

The digital disruption has changed how we communicate with our customers. We will take the necessary steps to evolve our digital retailing and communication or become irrelevant.

This course is for automotive professionals who want to create separation between themselves and their competition, improve digital communication and guarantee long term success. It’s a workshop with multiple breakouts and role play sessions that advance knowledge, evolve processes and stir action. Learn how to convert & close the digital lead, create more engagement with digital communication and effectively manage the customers’ trade cycle. In addition, they will improve their skills with the incoming calls, modern prospecting and turning the people who previously left without buying into be-backs. When attendees return to their stores, they will have the knowledge and confidence to be the most productive versions of themselves and turn a sales job into a sales career.


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