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Customers are savvier than ever, so without knowing how to negotiate and close deals, you'll find yourself selling out of desperation instead of inspiration. You know selling is a zero-sum game—either you sell them or someone else does. You want to improve your selling skills; unfortunately, available training is outdated or irrelevant. You just need someone to show you the proven path to negotiate and close deals more effectively so you can maximize your earning potential.

Meet the Author

NADA Academy Graduate and former dealership general manager, Tim Kintz has been working in and on the car business for over two decades.

In that time, he’s dedicated his life to studying the automotive marketplace; the buyers, sellers, manufacturers, and service providers, and how to bring them all together to move more metal.

Tim’s real-world, relevant approach injects fun and competition back into the dealership while simultaneously driving measurable results. These results, coupled with the new, lively atmosphere are why dealers and managers across all of North America call Tim Kintz their, “competitive advantage.”

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Get Frictionless

In Frictionless, Tim shares strategies and techniques you can use to create a win-win negotiation, deliver an exceptional experience while holding gross, and set up future deals. By shifting your mindset toward becoming a relational salesperson–rather than a transactional one–you’ll go from simply surviving to succeeding in car sales. You’ll make more money, enjoy a higher quality of life, have happier customers, and go from having a job to a full-blown career.

Audio Downloads

Closing for Commitment and Negotiating for Gross: Training that doesn’t keep you tied to your desk.

Learn closing and negotiating on the go with these quality audio downloads. Whether you’re in the car, hitting the gym, or walking the lot, each bite-sized lesson is a chance to practice your skills and improve your selling.

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your free time. Download your copy NOW!

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