Advisor Spark Training

I’ve spent the last 30 years in the automotive industry as the Former President at Crown. My success is due to the training and support from Tim Kintz and the Kintz Group. There is only one choice in choosing a trainer…Tim Kintz. He’s trained thousands of other salespeople. The thing that we all have in common is SUCCESS! I wouldn’t have had the career that I had if it wasn’t for Tim Kintz.

Selkirk General Motors

Since bringing Kintz Group’s Build and Burn program to Selkirk General Motors, their closing ratios have gone up. Every week they hand out the awards, (the lowest closing ratio gets a fire extinguisher, and the the highest closing ratio gets what they call the ‘golden boy award’), and not once in the last three months has anybody won the same award two weeks in a row. According to Selkirk General Motors Sales Manager Kelly Beaumont, who has been in the automotive industry for 12 years, Tim’s insights are top-of-the-line no matter where you are or who you sell for. From Canada to the United States, and from national chains to small, family-run businesses, Tim’s content is so relevant, when you’re in his class, you actually feel like he’s talking to you about your employees and your daily struggles. He keeps things real and relevant and really delivers results

Paul Blanco Good Car Company

Tim has been a trainer for Paul Blanco Good Car Company for quite some time. They’ve used him for many years for BDC, sales, management, and more. At Paul Blanco, they understand that knowledge is power. The more that you learn and challenge yourself the more you’ll grow. Tim challenges you to think outside the norm, and shakes up the conventional and traditional training methods so many dealers have been tied to. Don’t stay tied down, start training with Tim NOW!

Menholt Auto Group

Since training with Kintz Group, Menholt Auto Group has benefitted from a $292 per copy increase in front-end gross, they’ve sped up their process, and they use the most cutting-edge sales and management techniques in the automotive industry. They don’t fight technology—they make it work for them. Stop fighting change and start making change fight for you!




Paddock Chevrolet

A while back, Paddock Chevrolet was tracking their grosses in a downward manner. Volume was OK, but they were struggling with making profitability a key element. When the Kintz Group team came in, Paddock Chevrolet found the fresh approach their dealership needed. They’ve now seen major increases in profitability not once, not twice, but three times in just a few months! Not only did we bring profitability back to the dealership, but we brought back fun and competition as well. If selling cars were a competition, then Paddock Chevrolet is winning. Are you ready to win?


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