Management Workshops

Leading and Managing Unbreakable Teams

Automotive Sales Management Training

Your team is as good as they’ll get on their own. It’s time to become the Fearless Leader your team needs and deserves. Be the manager your team will run through a brick wall for instead of being the brick wall!

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Train the Trainer

Transform Your Training Through Fun & Competition

Your job gets easier when your people get better and the only way to get better is with an effective, purposeful and consistent training program. Training is a culture – not an event!

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Desking & Negotiating for Managers

Take Control of Your Negotiations To Increase Volume & Profits

The choice is simple: either negotiate from a position of strength or a position of weakness. Your desking and negotiation process will determine which position you take.

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Sales Workshops

High-Performance Selling

high performance selling with Tim Kintz
Automotive Sales Training and Sales Certification Course

Unleash your potential, knock out the competition and become the best-in-class sales professional you were born to be. Take control of your career and start maximizing your potential NOW!

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Close and Negotiate with Purpose

Advanced Closing Course to Maximize Units and Gross

Volume is our job and gross determines how well you do it. Turn negotiating fear into negotiating fun and make your future Frictionless!

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Digital Communication & Trade Cycle Management

Convert, Close & Retain The Digital Inquiry

Digital disruption has changed how we communicate with our customers. We will take the necessary steps to evolve our digital retailing and communication or become irrelevant!

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Upcoming Workshops

Leading & Managing Unbreakable Teams
November 6-7 | Grapevine, TX


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