Train the Trainer

What Do All the Best Players in the Game Have in Common? A Great Coach.

Your salespeople are no different. If you want the best salespeople in the industry, you have to become the best coach. In this 2-day “do”-shop, you’ll learn what it takes to coach an exceptional team. Get hands-on experience with the tools that take training to a new level and get ready to bring the fun and competition back into your dealership.

During this 2-day workshop, you’ll get real-time, hands-on experience to help you become the best coach and trainer for your team.

  • How to develop a culture of training
  • Training mistakes to avoid
  • Getting your people to WANT to train
  • Training goals and measurement
  • Training frequency and format
  • Creating a training outline
  • Training preparation
  • Training topics
  • Training meetings vs. sales meetings
  • Turning knowledge into skills
  • How to implement training program
  • Activities to track for results
  • Training program evaluation
  • Evaluate a Sales Team’s Training Needs
  • Planning and scheduling training
  • Making training fun
  • Implementing KintzNOW online training
  • Using the Coaches Playbook

This is NOT Your
Average Training

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Coaching and training a top performing sales team takes guts and so does this workshop.

At the Kintz Group, we believe in running “do”-shops where you will get hands on with the training techniques, tools, a competition games that will raise the bar at your dealership. Sound like something you want in on? Then you’re going to want to grab a seat.

What Past Attendees Are Saying

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Ron Garverick, President & CEO GARV Automotive LLC

“I attended the Train the Trainer event in Dallas and it was one of the BEST workshops I went to. Tim went in-depth on how dealerships should train their people and gave you a step by step process to ensure each training meeting is clear and concise. If you need someone to go to your dealership and train your salespeople, & managers Tim Kintz is who I would recommend, you can see that he really cares about making sure the team he works for has a true understanding of not just being in the car business but being in the people business as well.”

Larry Wiggins, Sales Manager Sewell Cadillac

“Ive been to a lot of training workshops and I can easily say that Tim’s Train the Trainer Workshop was one of my favorites! It wasn’t your typical workshop where you sit down and listen to the trainer talk for hours and hours, there were a lot of breakouts with practice sessions and hands on coaching from Tim himself. It gave me the tools I needed to train my staff properly and keep it fun and motivating!”

Evan Fleishman, Sales Director Mazda of Palm Beach

“Before I went to Tim’s Train the Trainer Workshop our training meetings were mediocre at best. While at the Workshop Tim taught me step-by-step how to properly hold an effective training meeting from the beginning to the end. With all the practicing it actually got me over my fear of public speaking! Now my sales people look forward to training meetings, we have fun and its engaging. My team has never been stronger, so Thank You Tim!”


  • Pre-Class Assignments
  • Training Tips and Takeaways
  • How to Develop Top Performers
  • Training Tips and Skills for Continuous Improvement
  • Motivation Through Recognition
  • Skills Every Salesperson Must Master
  • Salesperson Evaluations
  • Training Calendars
  • Selling Skills and Scripts
  • Training Outlines
  • Trainer Evaluations

Meet Your Instructor

Working for a well-respected training company for thirteen years, Tim Kintz traveled the world, taking the same messages about sales and management techniques from state to state. While the lessons learned over those years were priceless, Tim realized that hotel training was a path to irrelevance. Technology was evolving the industry at a rapid pace, and it was time to tackle a new challenge before the old one got too stale.

Since then, Tim has developed hands-on training techniques and real-world sales processes that actually work. He has delivered presentations around the world, from Russia to Puerto Rico and all over North America. Hundreds of dealerships are actively and successfully using his methods and materials to level up their skills and create faster, easier, and more relevant experiences in line with the high expectations customers have today.

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    KintzNow is the premier online selling program designed for today's auto industry.

    • Effective Management
    • Games, Spiffs, and Bonuses
    • Foundations of Management
    • Fearless Leadership
    • Convert and Close Incoming Sales Call
    • Incoming Sales Call Quadrant 1 - Intro & Redirect
    • Incoming Sales Call Quadrant 2 - Create Separation
    • Incoming Sales Call Quadrant 3 - Close on the Appointment
    • Incoming Sales Call Quadrant 4 - Overcoming Objections
    • Call Converter
    • Digital Buyer
    • Unsold Follow-Up - Turning Be-Backs Into Greenbacks
    • Convert and Close Internet Leads
    • KintzNOW Fast Start
    • Quick Start to High Performance Selling
    • Selling Skills for Top Performances
    • Quadrant 1: Setting the Stage
    • Quadrant 2: High Impact Presentations
    • Quadrant 3: Closing & Objections
    • Quadrant 4: Tips on Negotiating
    • Sales Playbook: Maximizing Productivity
    • Motivation
    • And more…

    Studies show that a blended learning experience of live and on-demand training yields greater results for you and your team.

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