How are your people handling those internet leads?

In today’s digital world, more and more people are starting their car buying journey online. Lead Converter answers the age-old question, “What are my people doing with all these Internet leads?”

You don’t have to wonder anymore. With LeadConverter you gain a watchful eye to monitor your internet sales process, and coach your team to top performance.

Convert and Close more Internet Leads

In 2021, dealerships spent an average of $312,000 on internet advertising. That’s five times as much as what they spent on TV advertising, the second highest ad spend category. LeadConverter is designed to help your dealership maximize advertising ROI by monitoring your team’s performance with incoming internet leads.

Stay Informed

A watchful eye over CRM that keeps salespeople accountable to every consumer who submits an inquiry.

Early Warnings

Properly handle every lead with alerts and visibility to at-risk leads and sales performers with low percentage odds

Relevant Digital Communication

Up-to-date workflow processes, email templates, and SMS/Text Templates make it easy to develop a digital communication funnel that converts.

Realtime Improvement

Constructive coaching on active deals and training on future deals for continual performance improvement.

Keep Score

Lead handling evaluated and scored on critical interactions in the selling process by digital experts.

Customization & Support

Digital experts available to provide dealer specific consulting, in depth analysis, and process development.

Easy Improvement

Improve your Digital Communication with Live Coaching

Our team of Digital Communication Experts review and score how your salespeople handle your incoming internet lead. Over 8-10 days and based on 20+ scoring points they award a grade along with next steps to improve the process and increase the likelihood of a conversion.

Personal coaching calls based on monthly reports help address any weak points in the communication to keep your team on track and your profits rising.

Get your Management Team their Time Back

Think of LeadConverter as your first set of eyes on your internet leads. Instead of requiring your management team to be in every conversation, looking over each salesperson’s shoulder, LeadConverter monitors and measures performance first and sends alerts when management needs to step in.

We inspect what you expect from your digital team so Management can use their time more effectively.

Easily Integrate With Your Current CRM

LeadConverter integrates with top automotive platforms like VinSolutions, Dealersocket, and eLeads to keep all of your lead information in one place. No new platforms, no data transfers, just real results.

We can even go in and update all of your canned email templates to make sure they are relevant and effective.

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