• Ultimate Training Bundle
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  • Heavy Hitter Bats in Box
  • Black Volleyball Set 2080×2080
  • cut out BOB set with added dumbbell
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Ultimate Training Bundle


Kick your training off right with the tools you need to keep the atmosphere fun and the information retainable. The Kintz Ultimate Training Bundle provides you with all of the tried and true Kintz games you need to keep your team engaged.

Each Bundle comes with:

  • One Heavy Hitter Game Set: The game that grows your grosses and encourages friendly competition among your sales people. Get a full set of Kintz Heavy Hitter Bats (silver home run, gold grand slam, and black cycle bat) along with the custom built carrying case, signature markers, and Kintz baseballs.
  • One set of the Vegas Line Volley Game: The interactive group game that has your sales people improving their sales reflexes. Practice closing, bypassing, overcoming objections, and FABs with this set of four custom Kintz black and gold volleyballs.
  • One Build or Burn Kit: The game that improves your team’s sales ratios. With three golden “Relationship Builder” dumbbells and one “Burning Through Ups” fire extinguisher, you can reward your top closers and encourage your lowest ones.
  • One set of Closer Cards: The sales person flashcard set that provides the scripts you need to practice every customer encounter. Make sure your sales people have the words they need to close the deals and provide your customers with the vehicle that’s right for them.
  • Four Attack the Day Mugs: Everyone needs something to hold their morning fuel. These sleek black on black mugs with subtle motivation are ideal for any sales person who wants a daily reminder to keep kicking ass.


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