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For trainers who want to learn how to build an effective training program.

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Your job gets easier when your people get better and the only way to get better is with an effective, purposeful and consistent training program. Training is a culture - not an event!


This course is meant for managers and trainers who are ready to create a culture of continuous improvement. This workshop isn’t for the faint of heart; it’s a hard-core, all-encompassing course filled with educational content, role-plays, drills and hands-on applications that transform great sales managers into great sales trainers. This is where managers push past their comfort zone. They will plan, prepare and execute a number of skill-based training meetings in front of the class, with coaching, feedback, and positive reinforcement following each meeting. When attendees return to their stores, they will know how to develop training sessions that create buy-in, increase retention, and generate positive change.

This is NOT Your
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What Past Attendees Are Saying

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Delia Mensch Paragon Acura

“I’ve been in the car business for 10 years… I have had the opportunity to go to different training programs/classes including three of the top training companies in the industry… But these experiences were just that–a class…all theory and teaching with no practice or ongoing direction, no interaction and no real training.

Then, The Kintz Group came to Paragon. While my first thought was, “Here we go again”… to my big surprise… spending time with Tim Kintz and his team moves us forward. He doesn’t just teach us how to get better but he also shows us–quite literally. And, we are getting better and better… having just had our strongest month ever!”

Shane Prough Ryan Chevrolet

“When our dealership started using Tim’s Vegas Line Volleyballs and Heavy Hitter Bats we saw immediate results. Following that we decided to send our managers to Tims 2 Day High Performance Management Workshop, implemented his online training and Playbooks. It would be safe to say we are a ‘Kintz Dealership’ and our numbers prove it…we are up 72 units this quarter over last year. The sky’s the limit with Kintz.”

Michael Gaiter Jimmy Britt

“I’ve been in the car business for 3 years. In a profession where the high achievers are becoming few and far between, I can say that thanks to Tim Kintz and The Kintz Group, I am a high achiever. From the first session with Tim I attended on Setting Goals, the One-on-One consultations, as well as the encouraging emails, I’ve noticed results immediately. I’ve been to several different types of training from big name trainers and none have been as personable and helpful as Tim….

Tim has definitely helped me grow my business and I look forward to learning so much more. If you want success, The Kintz Group will get you results!”

Meet Your Instructor

Working for a well-respected training company for thirteen years, Tim Kintz traveled the world, taking the same messages about sales and management techniques from state to state. While the lessons learned over those years were priceless, Tim realized that hotel training was a path to irrelevance. Technology was evolving the industry at a rapid pace, and it was time to tackle a new challenge before the old one got too stale.

Since then, Tim has developed hands-on training techniques and real-world sales processes that actually work. He has delivered presentations around the world, from Russia to Puerto Rico and all over North America. Hundreds of dealerships are actively and successfully using his methods and materials to level up their skills and create faster, easier, and more relevant experiences in line with the high expectations customers have today.

portrait of tim kintz

Want to Get Started Now?

KintzNow is the premier online selling program designed for today's auto industry.

  • Effective Management
  • Games, Spiffs, and Bonuses
  • Foundations of Management
  • Fearless Leadership
  • Convert and Close Incoming Sales Call
  • Incoming Sales Call Quadrant 1 - Intro & Redirect
  • Incoming Sales Call Quadrant 2 - Create Separation
  • Incoming Sales Call Quadrant 3 - Close on the Appointment
  • Incoming Sales Call Quadrant 4 - Overcoming Objections
  • Call Converter
  • Digital Buyer
  • Unsold Follow-Up - Turning Be-Backs Into Greenbacks
  • Convert and Close Internet Leads
  • KintzNOW Fast Start
  • Quick Start to High Performance Selling
  • Selling Skills for Top Performances
  • Quadrant 1: Setting the Stage
  • Quadrant 2: High Impact Presentations
  • Quadrant 3: Closing & Objections
  • Quadrant 4: Tips on Negotiating
  • Sales Playbook: Maximizing Productivity
  • Motivation
  • And more…

Studies show that a blended learning experience of live and on-demand training yields greater results for you and your team.