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Train the Trainer

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September 16th and 17th at Top Golf: The Colony,TX

Your job gets easier when your people get better and the only way to get better is with an effective, purposeful and consistent training program. Training is a culture – not an event!

This course is meant for managers and trainers who are ready to create a culture of continuous improvement. This workshop isn’t for the faint of heart; it’s a hard-core, all-encompassing course filled with educational content, role-plays, drills and hands-on applications that transform great sales managers into great sales trainers. This is where managers push past their comfort zone. They will plan, prepare and execute a number of skill-based training meetings in front of the class, with coaching, feedback, and positive reinforcement following each meeting. When attendees return to their stores, they will know how to develop training sessions that create buy-in, increase retention, and generate positive change.


3 reviews for Train the Trainer

  1. Evan Fleishman

    Before I went to Tim’s Train the Trainer Workshop our training meetings were mediocre at best. While at the Workshop Tim taught me step-by-step how to properly hold an effective training meeting from the beginning to the end. With all the practicing it actually got me over my fear of public speaking! Now my sales people look forward to training meetings, we have fun and its engaging. My team has never been stronger, so Thank You Tim! Evan Fleishman, Sales Director, Mazda of Palm Beach

  2. Ron Garverick

    I would recommend anything Tim Kintz trains on. I attended the Train the Trainer event in Dallas and it was one of the BEST workshops I went to. How Tim went in-depth on how dealerships should train their people and how important that you to tell them what you are going to train them on, then train them on it to then rehash what you told them you were going to train them on. If you need someone to go to your dealership and train your salespeople, & managers Tim Kintz is who I would recommend. He’s not flashy and aggressive with his training, you can see that he really cares about making sure the team he works for has a true understanding of not just being in the car business but being in the people business as well.

  3. Larry Wiggins

    I’ve been to a lot of training workshops and I can easily say that Tim’s Train the Trainer Workshop was one of my favorites! It wasn’t your typical workshop where you sit down and listen to the trainer talk for hours and hours, there were a lot of breakouts with practice sessions and hands on coaching from Tim himself. It gave me the tools I needed to train my staff properly and keep it fun and motivating! Larry Wiggins, Sales Manager, Sewell Cadillac, Midland, TX

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