Closing, Objection Handling, and Negotiating

Closing, Objection Handling & Negotiating Bootcamp

The Elite Negotiating and Closing Class

Turn negotiating fear into negotiating fun! Develop the killer instinct for knowing the perfect words and techniques necessary to execute bigger, better, quicker deals.


Advanced talk tracks and techniques to speed up closing and sell even the most challenging grinder.


The skills and drills to turn any objection into a rock-solid commitment, setting up a winning negotiation.


Pro tools and language for every deal scenario that lead to happy customers burning gas and busting bugs.

Curriculum & Details

This advanced course is meant for seasoned, automotive salespeople and managers who are ready to take closing and negotiating to the next level. This is a highly interactive workshop with multiple breakouts and role play sessions that make maximizing gross and opportunities second nature. When attendees leave, they will have the confidence, knowledge, and techniques to close more sales and hold more gross, while delivering a world-class customer experience. Handle the toughest objections, close every deal.

  • Staying in control throughout a deal
  • Setting up a speedy negotiation in the first 15 minutes
  • Using technology to have a more efficient negotiation
  • Making the close conversational and not interrogational
  • Turning objections into opportunities to close
  • Turning shoppers into buyers; the top 7 closes for gaining commitment
  • Identifying and handling 10 of the toughest objections
  • Using a second face in negotiations; turn ’em before you burn ’em,
  • 15 tips and rules for winning negotiations
  • Setting up the pre-negotiation at the desk
  • Understanding the traditional negotiation processes
  • Mastering the multi-payment negotiation process
  • Using the cost plus negotiation process
  • Negotiating with trade justification
  • Negotiating with the total cost of ownership
  • Setting up removable objections
  • Understanding disappearing discounts
  • Location: the Topgolf location near you!
  • Time: 1 day, 9am-4pm
  • Includes: Kintz Training Certificate of Completion, workbook, notepad, pen, and sales SWAG
  • Bonuses: breakfast and lunch
  • Cost: Starts at $627



A must read for everyone in the automotive sales industry. Updated information to develop the skills necessary for working with today’s informed customer and how to separate one’s self from the competition.

Must read for automotive sales professionals Ray/Amazon Review

I just finished the intro and first chapter and wanted to leave my thoughts on this. Tim Kintz expresses his thoughts as an expert and outlines processes for people not as experienced. I can see that I will be getting actionable steps that will help me grow. I can’t wait to finish this book and become the person I’m meant to be!

Very actionable brad k./Amazon Review

If you’re in sales , specifically automotive, then you need to read this book. When you’ve been in this industry a while , it’s easy to get complacent. Frictionless will refocus your thinking by showing you simple techniques that can make a huge impact on yours stores ability to hold gross and retain customers! We’ve added Frictionless to our new hire on boarding process as well as our team training and we’ve seen immediate results!

Definitely a Must Read Anande Gaiter/Amazon Review

Motivates And Inspires Everyone

“Tim Kintz has been amazing for our Auto Group. He is extremely flexible with our ever changing and growing company. I have seen and experienced first hand how he is able to motivate and inspire everyone that attends his training. Tim conducts his training sessions so there is more interaction and role-playing between the team members instead of speaking at them. Excited to have him as our Corporate Trainer!”

Esther Hamm – BDC Manager/ PR Director California

“Best training program out there for salesman in that automotive industry! Love watching the videos on KintzNow before work to get my mind right. Keep up the awesome job!”

Taylor Hopkins, Sales Consultant, Crown Motors

“I’ve been in the industry 30+ years and Tim’s the best trainer I’ve been around and I’ve been through many. That’s why we’re with him now. We followed him based on his experience, energy and just the way he comes across. I would recommend this course for dealers, dealer principals, general managers, sales managers, finance managers, any manager that ever gets involved in training or teaching sales managers.”

Gary Glauser, Sales Manager, Fred Beans Ford, Lincoln

“KintzNOW is the greatest thing ever. If you have it, don’t lose it. You need it, get it. You’ve got to have it. It’s the greatest training ever. Tim’s negotiation process is super. It’s better than anything we’ve ever had. We’re learning it here at Vaden Nissan in Savannah. It’s a great process. It’ll help you with gross. It’ll help you close customers. It’s the greatest thing ever. Tim is the man!

Coach, Sales Manager, Fred Beans Toyota

“Most sale trainers sell you a system, Tim helps you build a custom training program for your team and serves as a coach and mentor and you can’t put a price on that!!”

Anande Michael Gaiter, Sales Manager, Volume Hyundai

“GREAT training and refresher with Tim. Doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or been around forever, no one knows it all, but we’re GREAT at forgetting it all!! This business changes too quick! When you know it all, move on….Walmart’s hiring!!!”

Scott Graham, Sales Manager, Gene’s Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

“I keep hitting homerun deals thanks to Coach Kintz.”

Kean Williams, Sales Manager, Vaden Nissan of Savannah

“Excellent training. Highly recommended. If you are in the car business, and you want to improve, you will need this. This is the best investment to growth in your career, not only to increase the monthly units but also to hold your gross.”

Gilbert Escudero, Sales Consultant, Street Toyota


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