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The automotive industry is becoming increasingly competitive, so today, companies must go the extra mile to stay in the game, both traditionally and digitally. In that sense, they must have a highly trained staff to tackle the new reality of buying and selling vehicles.

If you have a dealership and want to keep your salespeople at top performance, the wisest thing to do is to provide them with top auto sales training through one of the online courses, training, and more. You will undoubtedly find various training options on the Internet, but none of them will beat the Kintz Group. You should get to know us better, so you'll know why we're your best choice.

Get the Most from Your Dealership with Kintz Group

We are the best choice for automotive management & sales training. We provide knowledge regarding the best techniques and methods to connect you with your customers' needs, so you can create value for them and achieve conversions. We focus on developing communication, persuasion, and negotiation skills to train a high-performance staff that generates a high sales volume and achieves competitive advantages in your target markets.

Best Dealer Training Alternatives

We offer our clients the best online sales training courses that teach marketing techniques, industry best practices, and insight for developing strong customer relationships. We provide the best online courses to improve sales procedures, which you can access through our revolutionary KintzNOW platform. In it, you can train from new salespeople to the most complex negotiation techniques.

Also, we offer you the best in-person training in the industry. You can opt for a long-term trajectory through our ongoing development, allowing you to successfully train managers, supervisors, and salespeople. You can also get quick training on specific topics through our workshops. These workshops are available both in-house and as part of our annual program. If you wish, you can also opt for our excellent custom coaching and consulting, so you can detect and correct any issues that may hinder your business.

Why Kintz Group?

We offer much more than automotive training online. Our founder, Tim Kintz, is one of the most prominent dealer trainers in the country, with over 20 years of experience and extensive international exposure. He has developed unique teaching methods in the industry that teach salespeople how to create value for their customers, make quick closes and build customer loyalty. We adapt all this knowledge to your needs, as we offer fully customized training programs. We adapt to your needs, realities, and objectives.

The Best Tools

In addition to the leading online sales training programs, we provide you with the best digital tools to increase your online leads. You can count on KintzNOW, the revolutionary platform that will allow you to train staff at the highest level. You can also access our Pro Video Now, allowing you to create an impact with digital video campaigns. Through Lead Converter, you can do nurturing and communication follow-up of your leads and get the maximum ROI from each advertising dollar.

Trust the Leaders

Take your dealership business to the top, and to do so, count on the support of Kintz Group. Build a team of superstar salespeople, learn how to manage them, access the best digital resources, and achieve the profitability you deserve. All of this at the most competitive prices in the market, does it get better? Visit us and explore our training options.

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