The success of your car dealerships business depends on how enthusiastic your salespeople are. Your salesperson must be able to give your customers the support they need throughout the process and convince them that they have made the right decision. Therefore, they need to enroll in car dealership training courses. Here at Kintz Group, we offer only one of its kind car sales training courses. Our program is considered educative or continued and gives salespeople advanced qualifications within a short time.

If you're looking for car sales training courses, here are reasons why we offer the best training.

Cutting-edge sales training

Our car sales training methods are what separates us from all other training firms. We developed proven lead follow-up strategies backed by data that improve car dealership results. We have text/video templates and sales scripts to help your sales team perform at a high level. We'll invest our time with you to enhance your understanding.

Expert teachers 

We employ certified trainers to conduct training. Our trainers are experts and have extensive backgrounds in specific areas of the car dealership. Our expert teacher will help you become a master Marketer on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms during your time with us. We'll train you with just a few amounts. After that, you choose what works best for you.

High-quality lead generation

We'll teach you how to generate high-quality sales leads at a meager cost with name, e-mail, phone, car selection, how much cash down, trade info, test drive time, and test drive date. The aim of our car sales training program is not only for you to understand the content but also to put everything you learn into practice.

Flexible training options

We offer different training options, including In-Dealership or on-location at our training centers, and we also provide online training videos. In addition, we can help you create a customized car sales training solution for your dealership.

Inspirational selling & leadership

Inspirational selling is being different and unique in your customer's eyes. We'll teach you how to create an environment that represents a non-pressure style of marketing while simultaneously making more sales and revenue.

What To Expect From Us

 When you attend our car sales training course, you develop the skills needed to:

  • Recognize customer stage in their buying journey.
  • Develop a perfect transition from offline to online and via versa.
  • Learn how to tip the price value scale to improve the customer experience.
  • Pinpoint areas in the car sales where you can increase your CSI, shorten transaction times, and maximize gross profit opportunities.

 Ready To Take The Next Step? Contact Kintz Group

If you are ready to take your auto sales business to the next level, Kintz Group can help. We provide car sale training courses. When you sign up with us, you will get a dedicated trainer who will provide you with automotive sales training on some best practices. Contact us today at 888-512-2299 to explore our training options.

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