Training is one of the most crucial aspects of automotive sales. Not only can training improve the effectiveness of salespeople, but it's also contributor to employee engagement. Here at Kintz Group, we offer different automotive sales training programs designed to maximize traffic opportunities and increase dealership profits. In addition, our car dealership sales training will keep a performance alive, ensuring lasting sales success.

What We Offer

At Kintz Group, we offer many automobile sales training modules to help you be more effective at your job. Some of the automobile sales training programs we offer include:

Selling From Service

Prospecting, vehicle demonstrations, and sales negotiating are essential skills in selling automobiles. Selling from service is designed t train sale representative and build automotive sales consultants. 


In this program, we'll train you on how to close the sale with those harder customers. Using our negotiation sales training on every deal, you will sell more cars, have a lot more entertainment, and get more income on every release.

Management Intervention

This program helps the salespeople to form a more robust and enduring connection with consumers, boost profitability, and enhance conversion ratio. In addition, you will learn how to make a formal procedure to effectively manage critical accounts frequently and in the long run.

Overcoming Objections

This training program will help you to beat auto sales objections. It's meant to offer in-depth information for your sales personnel. Once you complete this training program, you will have the capabilities to eliminate customer unwillingness to buy a car and close the arrangement.

Other programs we offer include

  • Convert And Close The Internet Lead
  • Gaining Commitment
  • Lead Generation
  • Incoming Sales Call
  • Maximizing Gross
  • Desking The Deal And More.

Why Choose Us?

Real-world experience

What we provide is not just book or video learning and theoretical knowledge. Instead, our trainers have extensive experience in the car business, and we use this knowledge to create high-quality study material and efficient training sessions.


We do not employ talking heads that stand up in front to lecture you. Instead, our trainers like to interact with you and mix things up. This is important because it helps us formulate quality training sessions that keep people interested and focused. We achieve this through role play, brainstorming sessions, interactive workshops, in-dealership training, demonstrations, video clips, and discussions.


We are one of the most respected companies in this industry. Our mission has been the development and enhancement of dealership personnel. Our methods have been highly regarded as very motivating and inspirational.


You can't stay at the top of the car dealership game if you don't know how to get results. At Kintz Group, our training techniques are effective because the results speak for themselves. Our training has yielded tremendous results in several areas of the Dealership.

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