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If you're in the automotive industry, you know that having a top-notch sales team is essential to the success of your business. To achieve this, the wisest thing to do is to maintain a training and updating strategy, selecting among the best car sales and training programs.

On the Internet, you will find different options that offer you car dealership online courses and training. Among the options, you will not find a better alternative than the car sales training programs that we offer at Kintz Group. You should get to know us better, so you know why you choosing us helps you achieve a world-class sales force.

Why Choose Kintz Group for Your Dealership Training?

Experience & Track Record

Our founder, Tim Kintz, is one of the most prominent sales trainers in the dealership industry. He used his more than two decades of sales experience, primarily in dealerships, to design unique sales and training methods that work. He has developed the best in-house programs and online sales training courses with techniques that integrate technology and accelerate the sales process.

His teachings are so effective that they have led him to travel all over the country and take his teachings to countries like Puerto Rico and Russia. All this background is reflected in each course we design for our distinguished clients.

Tailored Solutions

At Kintz Group, we do not believe in prefabricated solutions. We analyze each of our clients in detail to understand what they sell, to whom, and how they do it. Then, we design in-person or online courses to improve sales techniques tailored to the specific realities of the dealership. Our training focuses on your reality, business objectives, and organizational culture, which will help you get the desired results.


We offer our customers the broadest range of options to keep their sales force trained and updated. You can choose one of our online sales training programs. You can also opt for our excellent in-house options, such as private workshops or ongoing development. If you prefer, you can schedule your staff training through our national workshops, which we offer for managers and salespeople.


The business world is changing rapidly, and so is the dealership business. Every day there are new trends, technologies, and buyer preferences. That's why we stay on the cutting edge of innovation at Kintz Group, constantly updating our teachings. We adapt to change to train your staff with the latest market trends, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve and make a difference in your target market.

The Best Price/Value Option

We understand that training and updating a sales force is a continuous process, so we offer our distinguished clients the most competitive prices in the market. Our goal is that you can keep your staff updated at affordable prices and that we can establish an excellent long-term partnership with you.

Rely on Kintz Group

We are the premier sales training center for automotive dealerships and are ready to help you take your business to the next level. We have everything you need to build a winning team, from the best in-person options to the leading automotive industry training online. Visit us and explore our training options.

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