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As in other industries, training and education of the sales force are critical factors in the success of every car dealership. However, one of the biggest challenges is implementing an effective training strategy while keeping the business running. Fortunately, today's technology makes it possible to solve that issue through car dealership online courses and training.

The issue is that even though more than 60% of business owners are convinced that they need to keep their salespeople up to date, less than 10% believe that online sales training programs are effective. Therefore, evaluating the pros and cons of this alternative is necessary, so you can see why it is the best.

Pros and Cons of Auto Sales Courses Online


  • Flexibility: online courses to improve sales techniques allow your staff to access the training wherever and whenever they want, and they can organize their time according to their possibilities. Besides, the online course allows them to review the content if needed.
  • Consistency: a top automotive industry online training delivers a consistent and uniform message to your sales force. This is ideal for aligning them with the type of salesperson you want and the organizational culture. It is also helpful if you need to train on any policy changes or changes in dealership operations.
  • Easy Tracking: the best online sales training courses like the ones we offer at Kintz Group have an excellent platform for your staff, managers, and evaluators. You can easily see everyone's progress, access evaluations, and measure progress in real-time.
  • Communication: the best online training platforms for dealerships offer different communication channels between trainers and trainees, making it easier to share learning, teachings, and experiences.
  • Cost-Effective: online training options are significantly less expensive than traditional training, even if customized for your dealership. You avoid the travel costs of sending your staff to a workshop, and in-house training also tends to be more expensive.


  • Adaptation Issues: wWhile most people use technology in one way or another, not everyone is ready for online learning. Some salespeople, especially old-school ones, may find adapting to digital learning platforms and methods challenging.
  • Technological Limitations: not necessarily all your staff has a desktop PC or a comfortable place at home to do training. Almost all online learning platforms are responsive, i.e., they can be accessed from a tablet or smartphone. However, this limitation can threaten to learn.
  • Lack of Attention: people sitting at the PC tend to multi-task. It is possible that while a salesperson is taking the course, they may also be on social media or other sites. Also, family or some other issue may interrupt when learning from home.

So Is Online Training for Dealerships Worth It?

While there are some cons, the advantages of top online dealer training outweigh them significantly. Training your sales force through digital channels will help you keep them up to date and boost your business and profitability. Kintz Group is ready to support you if you want access to the best online courses. We are the leading dealer training agency, ready to turn your salespeople into superstars. Visit us and explore our training options.

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