Automobile sales is a high-risk, high-reward career path, which is why you may likely miss out on its enormous potential if you do not have enough car sales training. Car sales training is an easy "go-to" for many aspiring salespeople because the goal is to increase car sales and become better at what you do.

Kintz Group, with its expertise and vast knowledge of the automobile industry, provides in-depth dealership training programs to our trainees, helping them make vehicle sales, not just a profession but a successful and satisfying career. In other words, we prepare you for success with our unrivaled training courses and coaching seminars. Ready to take your success and career to the next level? Here are our dealership training programs you should consider.

Online Training 

At Kintz Group, we offer the best online sales training courses on the market that is designed exclusively for the automobile industry. Our car dealership online courses and training include all of the skills that car salespeople and management requirements to sell more automobiles and teach their staff in the entire sales process. In addition to using our online courses to improve sales techniques, managers can also utilize them to hold exceptional training at their dealership.

With our online sales training programs, we provide managers with all of the training, skill development tools, and live training support from our trained coaching staff that they need to take their unit sales and gross profit to the next level.

In-House Training

Our professional team can work in-house with your car dealership to provide automotive sales training solutions tailored to your company. We come to you to establish new processes, speed talent development, improve the customer experience, and increase revenue. If you want to increase the performance of your team without having to travel to open workshops, our in-house training is the right option for you. Whether you're a large car dealership seeking private courses or an ongoing training partner, our team can make it happen.

Coaching and Consulting

Every dealership has a plethora of client touchpoints, and one bad touchpoint can sometimes be the difference between you and car purchase. With can coaching and consultation service, our staff will help your team identify and solve problems in your dealership. We will assess your processes and procedures in order to improve their efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability. We will not leave any stone unturned or any touchpoint unattended!

Open Workshops

We also offer open workshops and training on car sales strategy and management techniques. These workshops are fantastic ways to quickly learn about car sales and walk away with valuable information. Our open workshops provide car salesmen with the opportunity to come together as a team and participate in our open workshop. Besides, you'll leave with actionable skills that you can apply directly to your dealership. However, keep in mind that these workshops are extremely limited, so sign up as soon as possible.

Are you ready for your automotive management & sales training? Contact us today so that we can get to understand your needs and create a tailored solution. This is a no-cost consultation. We eagerly await your response.


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