Benefits of Internet Car Sales Training

Salesforce training is essential to the success of every dealership. When your salespeople are adequately trained, they can effectively serve the customer at every touchpoint and quickly achieve closings.

If you are in the car industry and want to keep your staff up to date, you have two options for training them: use top-knotch in-person training, or choose one of the best online sales training courses. Which of these options is the best? You should know the benefits of each one, so you can choose the option that best suits your dealership's needs.

Comparing In-Person and Internet Car Sales Training

Online Training

  • Flexibility: online sales training programs allow 24/7 access, which allows the salesperson to organize and learn where and when they want. They can acquire knowledge at their own pace according to their intellectual capacity and even repeat a lesson if they consider it necessary.
  • Update: face-to-face courses can be limited to just the instructor's experience and knowledge at that moment in time. On the other hand, car dealership online courses and training are composed of various resources such as videos, lectures, and documents that are updated frequently. For example, the contents of the Kintz™ platform are updated frequently to offer the latest dealership trends to the trainees.
  • Communication: nowadays, technology offers a variety of options for trainers and trainees of online courses to improve sales techniques to communicate. This allows an excellent exchange of learning, experiences, and knowledge through different spaces such as groups or social networks.
  • Follow-up: a good automotive industry online training usually has a platform that serves as a hub for learning. These technological tools have excellent resources for monitoring your staff's progress and seeing the results in real-time.
  • Savings: in-person training options for dealers are more economical than traditional methods. In-house courses are expensive, and online training avoids travel costs for your sales team to constantly receive workshops and updated courses.

Face-to-Face Education

  • Concentration: when people take online courses, they can get distracted doing other online activities or interacting with their family. On the other hand, when taking a face-to-face course, the salesperson is focused on the activity, which maximizes the use of knowledge.
  • Teamwork: in-person courses are ideal for generating group dynamics, which help form a better organizational culture. Students learn essential soft skills such as communication, group decision-making, and synergic & cooperative work.
  • Customization: if you opt for in-house training, you can tailor the course to your dealership's specific needs. The best training academies such as Kintz Group offer excellent short, medium and long-term training options that are highly customizable.
  • Proximity: The instructor is available to the students in a in-person course. This facilitates the monitoring of learning, allowing students to clarify doubts and ask questions easily.
  • Discipline: in-person courses have an established schedule and routine. This helps salespeople acquire rhythm and discipline. Remember that salesforces tend to be disorderly. This rigor will help them to be more systematic and organized.

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