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Motivation through education. Bring fun and competition into your training.


What gets measured, gets results. Accountability through real time tracking.


Comprehensive courses in bite-sized modules for busy managers & salespeople.

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  • Engaging and Interactive Content
  • Consistent and Repeatable Process
  • Hundreds of Prepared Training Meetings
  • Dedicated Performance Coach
  • Custom Training Schedules
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Accountability and Production Reports
  • New Hire Onboarding
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Close more car deals, retain happier customers and grow the store with KintzNOW™. The right information, when your people need it, in the palm of their hand. From new hire training to advanced negotiating, from lead generation and follow up to the complete customer life cycle, KintzNOW™ is the source for retention and more.














Course Curriculum


KintzNOW Fast Start

  1. Opportunity Abounds in Today’s Auto Industry
  2. The Buyers Quadrant
  3. The Sales Quadrant
  4. Make or Break the Sale: The Greeting
  5. Building Rapport with Open-Ended Questions
  6. Either/Or Investigating Questions
  7. Investigating with Open-Ended Questions
  8. Selling Above the Competition: Building Value in You & Your Dealership
  9. Discovering Wants, Needs and Hot Buttons
  10. Using the Trade to Move the Sale Forward
  11. Transitioning to Quadrant 2
  12. The Buying Process
  13. Important Questions on Building Value
  14. Dozen Rules Before Your High Impact Presentation
  15. 7 Reasons Rapport Sets Up Your Presentation
  16. 5 Rules to a High Impact Presentation
  17. Value or Cost: FAB Presentations
  18. The Five Point Walk-Around Presentation
  19. Dozen Mistakes with the Demonstration
  20. Strategies for the Driving Portion of the Presentation
  21. How to Create Mental Ownership
  22. Transitioning to Quadrant 3
  23. Closing or Losing: The Buying and Selling Quadrants
  24. Either/Or Closing Questions
  25. The 10 Least Effective Closes
  26. 11 Tips to Close More Sales
  27. Closing Questions That Get Results
  28. The 4-C’s for Overcoming Objections
  29. Turning Fear into Fun: Executing a Successful Negotiation
  30. The Buy/Sell Quadrant
  31. Maximizing the Negotiation: Closing vs. Negotiation
  32. Rules for a Win/Win Negotiation
  33. Tips for an Effective Negotiation
  34. Tips for an Effective Negotiation (Continued)

Course: Quick Start to High Performance Selling

  1. Opportunity Abounds in Today’s Auto Industry
  2. Four Factors for Maximum Performance
  3. Your Future – Do You Feel Lucky?
  4. Lottery Mindset – Job or Career?
  5. What Separates Top Producers
  6. Understanding Today’s Buyer
  7. The Buyer’s Quadrant Overview
  8. The Sales Quadrant Overview
  9. High Performance Selling Skills
  10. How To Turn Knowledge Into a Skill
  11. Plan it – Execute it – Win it
  12. Controllable vs. Uncontrollable Activities
  13. You’re in Business For Yourself
  14. The Circle of Success

Selling Skills For Top Performances

  1. What You Can Expect
  2. Turning Knowledge into Skills
  3. The Power of Positive Mental Attitude
  4. Communication Skills that Close More Sales
  5. Deal Makers and Deal Breakers
  6. Minor Commitments Lead to Major Sales
  7. Either/Or Investigating Questions
  8. Either/Or Closing Questions
  9. Either/Or Appointment Setting Questions
  10. Building Rapport with Open-Ended Question
  11. Investigating with Open-Ended Questions
  12. How to Create Mental Ownership
  13. How to Maintain Control of the Sale
  14. How To Use Fear of Loss to Create Urgency
  15. How to Have a High Impact Presentation
  16. Why Talking Price is Killing Your Sales
  17. How to Bypass Price and Raise Your Gross
  18. The 4-C’s to Overcome Objections

Quadrant #1 Setting the Stage

  1. Setting the Stage to Close More Sales
  2. The Buyers Quadrant
  3. The Sales Quadrant
  4. Shoppers or Buyers – Why Customers Walk on the Lot
  5. Traits Customers Don’t Want in a Sales Person
  6. Traits Customers Want in a Sales Person
  7. Skills for Top Performance
  8. Attitude: The #1 Secret to Closing More Sales
  9. What You See is What you Get
  10. Make or Break the Sale: The Greeting
  11. Selling Above the Competition: Building Value in You & Your Dealership
  12. Turning an Interrogation Into a Conversation
  13. Discovering Wants, Needs and Hot Buttons
  14. Using the Trade to Move the Sale Forward
  15. Using the Guest Sheet to Gather Information
  16. Transitioning to Quadrant Two

High Impact Presentations

  1. High Impact Presentations
  2. The Buying Process
  3. The Selling Process
  4. Important Questions on Building Value
  5. A Dozen Rules Before Your High Impact Presentation
  6. 7 Reasons Rapport Sets Up Your Presentation
  7. 7 Reasons Investigating Sets Up Your Presentation
  8. A Dozen Traps that Prevent a High Impact Presentation
  9. Why Emotions Impact your Presentation
  10. Five Rules to a High Impact Presentation
  11. What’s Most Important to Your Customers?
  12. Value or Cost: FAB Presentations
  13. The Five Point Walk-Around Presentation
  14. A Dozen Mistakes with the Demonstration
  15. Strategies for the Driving Portion of the Presentation
  16. Transitioning to Quadrant 3

Closing & Objections

  1. Thrive or Survive: Closing More Sales Today
  2. Closing or Losing: The Buying and Selling Quadrants
  3. The Set Up to Closing the Sale
  4. What’s Killing Your Closing
  5. The Ten Least Effective Closes
  6. Eleven Tips to Close More Sales
  7. Closing Questions That Get Results
  8. The Assumptive Summary Sold Row Close
  9. Transitioning the Customer to the Negotiation
  10. Steps for Turning Objections into Another Opportunity to Close the Sale
  11. The Reflex Objection Close
  12. The Confirmation Close
  13. The 4-C’s for Overcoming Objections
  14. The Ben Franklin Close
  15. The Hesitation Close
  16. The Sleep on it Close
  17. Re-Demo the Customer to Close the Sale
  18. Total Cost of Ownership Close
  19. The Customer with the Internet Report
  20. Customer Objection: “What Will My Payments Be?”
  21. Customer Objection: “We Need to Pray About it”
  22. The Role Reversal Close
  23. The Kitchen Table Close
  24. The Major Benefit Close
  25. Customer Objection: “I Need To Talk To My Spouse”
  26. Your Time is Money Close
  27. The Long Term Satisfaction Close
  28. The Future Market Value Close
  29. The Lost Key Close
  30. Too Much Pressure Close
  31. The Takeaway Close
  32. The Cheeseburger Close
  33. The Whole World Close

Tips on Negotiating

  1. Turning Fear into Fun: Executing a Successful Negotiation
  2. The Buy/Sell Quadrant
  3. Maximizing the Negotiation: Closing vs. Negotiation
  4. Rules for a Win/Win Negotiation
  5. Benefits of a Consistent Negotiation Process
  6. Tracking and Measuring for Success
  7. Common Mistakes with the Negotiation
  8. Tips for an Effective Negotiation
  9. Tips for an Effective Negotiation (Continued)
  10. The Gas Savings Close
  11. The Maintenance Close
  12. The Total Cost of Ownership Close
  13. The Reduce it to Ridiculous Close
  14. Closing With Silence
  15. The $100 Bill Close
  16. The 99.9% Quality Car Close
  17. The Shake and Bump Close
  18. The One-Sided Split Close

Sales Playbook: Maximizing Productivity

  1. Intro: The Sales Playbook Overview
  2. Getting Started
  3. Identify Your Negatives
  4. Define your WIGs (Wildly Important Goals)
  5. Unit and Income Goals
  6. Skill Building and the Sales Quadrant
  7. Set Your Monthly Goals
  8. How to do the Math (Magic Multiplier)
  9. Chart Your Progress
  10. Track Your Success
  11. Monthly and Quarterly Review


Effective Management

  1. Boss vs Coach
  2. Two Questions to Ask Every Day
  3. Manage People, Not a Department
  4. Care About Your People
  5. One on Ones Every Day
  6. Selling Not Telling
  7. The 80/20 Rule for Your One on One
  8. Know Your Goal
  9. Make One on Ones a Priority
  10. Take Notes
  11. Start and End With a Success
  12. Follow Through
  13. Challenge Your People

Games, Spiffs, and Bonuses

  1. Games, Spiffs, and Bonuses
  2. Vegas Line Volleyball
  3. Heavy Hitters
  4. Build or Burn Closer’s Competition
  5. Steak and Beans (Increases Volume)
  6. Guess Who The Buyer Is? (Increases Write-Ups)
  7. Pass The Buck UA Trade Bonus (Increases gross)
  8. Big Bucks for Little Trucks (Increases fun and competition)
  9. Slow Day Bonus

Foundations of Management

  1. Introduction
  2. Leadership Quadrant
  3. Critical Jobs as a Leader
  4. Recruit & Hire Qualified People
  5. Initial Training & Onboarding
  6. Training & Skill Development
  7. Daily Coaching
  8. Be Visible, Available & Get Involved
  9. Track and Measure for Continuous Improvement
  10. Production Based Compensation and Rewards Program
  11. Recap

Fearless Leadership

  1. Talent Does Not Equal Success
  2. Leadership- An Overrated Word
  3. The Ultimate Challenge- Boss vs. Leader
  4. Defining Your Team’s Purpose
  5. Complacency Vs Competition
  6. TIME – Your Most Valuable Asset
  7. Feed the Beast & Fuel the Future
  8. The Emotional Bank Account- Deposits Vs Withdrawals
  9. Listening to Understand
  10. Habits- Winning VS Losing
  11. Importance of Competition & Recognition
  12. Controlling the Game- Facts VS Feelings
  13. Time Management VS Activity Management
  14. Inspect what you Expect
  15. 3 Types of Managers
  16. Repetition- The Mother of Learning
  17. Leaders Inspire & Create a Culture of Growth
  18. Negotiables VS Non-Negotiables
  19. Motivating the Unmotivated
  20. Short Staffed VS Wrong Staffed

Management Jumpstarts

  1. Bringing Fun and Competition Back into the Dealership
  2. Building Customer Relationships by Thinking Small
  3. Feed the Beast
  4. Hire the Best
  5. Leadership Training: 3 Types of Leaders
  6. Managing Millennials of Managing People
  7. Sales Managers Daily Plan of Action
  8. Sales Managers, Grow the Dealership
  9. Success vs Survival
  10. Task Management Won’t Grow the Store

Convert and Close the Incoming Sales Call

  1. Setting Up Success
  2. Your Potential on the Incoming Sales Call
  3. Common Mistakes on the Incoming Sales Call
  4. Tips for an Effective Incoming Sales Call
  5. Words Matter
  6. The Phone Quadrant

Incoming Sales Call Quadrant 1 – Intro & Redirect

  1. Your Goal in Quadrant 1
  2. The Introduction – Setting the Stage
  3. Creating Urgency & Fear of Loss
  4. Redirect with Either / Or Questions
  5. Redirect with Open-Ended Questions

Incoming Sales Call Quadrant 2 – Create Separation

  1. Create Separation – Selling Above Your Competition
  2. Customer Centered Process
  3. Your Dealership Difference
  4. Your Inventory & Selection
  5. Supplying The Customer Information

Incoming Sales Call Quadrant 3 – Close on the Appointment

  1. Closing on the Appointment
  2. Reinforcing the Appointment
  3. Confirming the Appointment

Incoming Sales Call Quadrant 4 – Overcoming Objections

  1. Understanding Objections
  2. Three R’s for Overcoming Objections
  3. What’s the Price?
  4. What Will Payments Run On This Vehicle?
  5. What Interest Rates Do You Offer?
  6. What’s My Trade Worth?
  7. The Competition Says I Can Buy It For X, Will You Beat It?
  8. Is Your Internet Price the Best Price?
  9. What Kind of Specials/Deals Do You Have?
  10. If They Are Calling About a Hot Model
  11. I’m Not Driving That Far Unless I Know the Price
  12. I Have Challenged Credit – Can You Get Me Financed?

Call Converter

  1. Greeting
  2. Compliment, Confirm, and Create Urgency
  3. Name and Number
  4. Redirect, Investigate, Build Rapport
  5. Summarize and Restate
  6. Create Separation
  7. Close on the Appointment
  8. Confirm, Reinforce and Anchor
  9. Give Directions
  10. “What’s the Best Price?”
  11. “What’s the Best Deal?”
  12. “What’s My Trade Worth?”
  13. Internet Price
  14. Discounts
  15. Payments
  16. Interest Rates
  17. Challenged Credit
  18. Beat the Competition
  19. Rebates
  20. The “Hot” Model
  21. “I’m Not Driving That Far!”

Digital Buyer

  1. Selling to a Digital Buyer
  2. Understanding the Digital Buyer
  3. Elimination Rounds
  4. What’s Your Job with an Internet Lead?
  5. Understanding Your Stats, Probabilities, and Tendencies.
  6. Understanding Before Being Understood
  7. What To Send
  8. Template and AutoResponder Tune Up
  9. Presenting Multiple Cars and Choices
  10. Video Is King
  11. Consistency Is Key

Unsold Follow Up – Turning Be-Backs Into Greenbacks

  1. Turning Be-Backs into Greenbacks
  2. Your Potential with the Unsold Customer
  3. Quick Tips for Top Performance
  4. The Steps for Unsold Follow Up
  5. Step One – Putting Customer Info into the CRM
  6. Step Two – Email After They Leave
  7. Step Three – Send A Note
  8. Step Four – Text Message Time
  9. Step Five – Two Hour Call
  10. Step Six – Next Day Call
  11. Step Seven – Manager Call
  12. Step Eight – Never Give Up
  13. What Is Your Purpose for the Call?
  14. Identify the Customer’s Motives – Create a Game Plan for the Call
  15. Making The Call – Part One
  16. Making The Call – Part Two
  17. Confirmation Close
  18. The Four C’s
  19. The One Thing Close
  20. The Hesitation Close
  21. The Role Reversal Close
  22. The Kitchen Table Close
  23. The Major Benefit Close
  24. Too Much Pressure Close
  25. If You Can’t Reach Them, Do This
  26. Long-Term Follow Up, Whether They Buy or Not

Course 9 Convert and Close Internet Leads

  1. Intro & Set Up & Buy In
  2. The Digital Journey- Understanding the Digital Buyer
  3. Digital Stats, Facts and Trends
  4. Digital Benchmarks/KPI
  5. Communicating with the Digital Lead
  6. Mistakes with the Digital Inquiry
  7. How to Create Distinction with your Digital Communication
  8. Understanding the Importance of your Workflow
  9. How to Create an Effective Workflow (part 1)
  10. How to Create an Effective Workflow (part 2)
  11. Phone Communication
  12. Email Subject Lines Best Practices
  13. Email Best Practices
  14. Texting Best Practices
  15. Video Best Practices
  16. Voicemail Best Practices
  17. Recap


  1. How to Use the Trade Walk to Maximize Gross and the Guest Experience
  2. Building Customer Relationships by Thinking Small
  3. Daily Habits for the Perfect Day with Admiral McRaven
  4. Handling Rejection
  5. How to Become a Top Closer and Best Salesperson
  6. How to get the Most out of the Car Business
  7. Motivate the Unmotivated
  8. No Mulligan for a First Impression
  9. Potential is a Dirty Word
  10. Sabermetrics- Know Your Numbers
  11. Secret to Success Selling Cars
  12. Setting Goals that Actually Matter
  13. Smart Daily Routine for Salespeople
  14. Success Vs Survival
  15. Take Control
  16. The Art of Desking
  17. The Art of Negotiation
  18. The Innovative Coach


Service Advisor

Mission Impossible

  1. Mission Impossible Introduction
  2. Keeping Customers in Dependable Cars (2 Things)
  3. Lets Be Friends
  4. Circle of Life

Mind Prep

  1. Mind Prep: Introduction
  2. Mind Prep: Attitude and Smile
  3. Mind Prep: Dress to Impress
  4. Mind Prep: The Sixth Sense
  5. Mind Prep: Keys for Success

Pet The Dog

  1. Pet The Dog Introduction
  2. Pet The Dog Story
  3. Pet the Dog Pattern Interrupt
  4. Pet The Dog Walk Around

Service Drive Judo

  1. The Theory of Constraints
  2. Service Drive Judo- The Architecture
  3. Quick Lube
  4. Lateral Support
  5. Technician and Team Lead Pay Plan
  6. Service Drive Judo- Part One
  7. Service Drive Judo- Part Two

Circle of Trust

  1. Circle of Trust Overview
  2. Instantly Connect
  3. Check History and Advise
  4. Inspection Sheet Report Card
  5. Two Hour Connection
  6. Commitment of Excellence
  7. Sales Call Table of Contents
  8. The Don’t Dos
  9. Decline Lines
  10. Under Promise Over Deliver
  11. Quality Control
  12. Walk of Shame
  13. Be There Next Time

Selling Maintenance

  1. Selling Maintenance Introduction
  2. Brake Fluid Replacement
  3. Coolant Service
  4. Fuel System Cleaning
  5. Nitrogen
  6. Power Steering Fluid
  7. Selling Alignments

Five Keys to Selling Tires

  1. Five Keys to Selling Tires Introduction
  2. TIRES: Key One – Control
  3. TIRES: Key Two – The Walk Around and Pet The Dog
  4. TIRES: Key Three – Show & Tell
  5. TIRES: Key Four – Needs Analysis
  6. TIRES: Key Five – Good, Better and Best Option
  7. TIRES: 5 Key Quick Tips

Handling Difficult Customers

  1. Introduction
  2. Pre-Game and Mindset
  3. Pressure and Tension
  4. Purgatory
  5. Prevent

Time Management

  1. Time Management Intro
  2. The Piggy Bank

Technician Selling Skills

  1. Introduction
  2. Set up Service Advisor For Success
  3. Work Life Balance and Flow
  4. Six Tips For Turning More Hours
  5. Five Strategies For Filling The Pipeline
  6. Tech Inspection – GROUND
  7. Tech Inspection – MID LEVEL
  8. Tech Inspection – CAR IN AIR

Service Management

Fixed Ops Mental Overhaul

  1. Starting a Revolution
  2. An Exercise on Clarity
  3. Goals Part One – How To Be a Heat Seeking Missile
  4. Goals Part Two – How Do You Know if You’ve Won or Lost

Fixed Ops Financial Training

  1. The Foundation of Our Industry-Fixed Absorption
  2. How To Get Your Service Department Profitable-Effective Labor Rate
  3. Pricing Strategy Part 1
  4. Pricing Strategy Part 2 – Labor
  5. Labor
  6. Maintenance Labor Part 1
  7. Maintenance Labor Part 2
  8. Competitive Labor

Gasoline on Fire

  1. Gasoline on Fire
  2. Shift Meetings
  3. Spiff Tracking
  4. The Inspection System
  5. Creating Maintenance Intervals
  6. Accountability-Service Advisors
  7. Accountability-Technicians
  8. Missed Opportunities

Service Advisor Pay Structure

  1. The Service Advisor Pay Plan – Part One
  2. The Service Advisor Pay Plan – Part Two
  3. Minimum Requirements

Best In Show Bulldog Recruiting

  1. How to Build a Team of Championship Bulldogs
  2. The Three Steps to Upgrading Your Team
  3. A Killer Support Staff
  4. Your Secret Weapon – The Group Interview
  5. The Support In-Person Interview
  6. Top Dog Advisors
  7. Top Dog Advisors – The Ad & The Interview
  8. Service Advisor In-Person Interview
  9. Technicians
  10. How To Attract & Hire Top Producing Technicians
  11. Technicians – The Ad & Phone Interview
  12. Technicians – The In-Person Interview


  1. Gamification – The Secret Sauce
  2. Football
  3. For Get It
  4. Jenga Greed
  5. Hangman
  6. Shoot Em Jenga
  7. Humpty Dumpty
  8. Fixed Ops Pong
  9. Jenga Towers
  10. Fixed Ops Card Games
  11. Jenga
  12. Fixed Ops Uno
  13. Nerf Bullseye
  14. Nerf Jenga
  15. Baseball
  16. Poker
  17. Fixed Ops Football
  18. Rat Race
  19. Root Beer Pong
  20. Tertris Link
  21. Sales Olympics
  22. Snakes on a Board
  23. Tic Tac Pong
  24. Uno
  25. Blackjack
  26. Card Ninja
  27. Cut Throat
  28. Fill or Bust




For over two decades Tim Kintz has been working in and on the car business. A former GM and NADA Academy Graduate, he has dedicated his life to studying the automotive industry, the buyers, the sellers, the leaders, and how to bring them together to move more metal. For Sales Managers, GSM’s, GM’s and Dealers looking for a competitive advantage to stay ahead of the market



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