Don’t Spend Another Dime on Advertising

Don’t Spend A Dime Until You Read This

Are you tired of spending tens of thousands of dollars in advertising every month, only to send customers into the store to be met by unmotivated, untrained & unprepared sales people? The same sales people who end up sending 60-80% of that traffic down the street to buy from competitors? Me too. It’s time to stop throwing good money on bad ads and poor traffic.

It’s time to shift focus on our people.

Can you imagine every person on your sales team consistently executing the steps of the sale with every customer while having a positive, can-do attitude with every guest? Can you imagine your sales people prepared to handle the toughest objections while able to set up a win win negotiation and close more deals?

Yeah? Then starting today, don’t spend an additional dime on advertising! At least not until you put a focus on training and developing your people.

Not sure where to start?

We got you covered. The High Performance Selling Workshop is full of how to’s and real world actions to put into practice immediately, and get results NOW. Over the course of two action packed days, we will unlock your sales teams potential and hone their skills so that they rise up above the competition — and stay there.

What’s the difference between training and effective training? RESULTS.

This course is all about developing high achievers who can set up negotiations, use questions to lead customers to logical decisions, create separation from the competition and close deals. This automotive sales training class helps ensure sales people have the skills, knowledge and motivation to properly handle both the fresh customer walking on your lot, and also retain that customer, turning a one-time buyer into a lifetime customer.

There’s untapped potential at your dealership. It’s time to give your people the tools they need, get the agenda and rsvp here.

What are you waiting for? Make your people your competitive advantage to grab market share NOW.


Tim Kintz Car sales training

For more info visit www.KintzNOW.com/selling-workshop



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