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KintzNOW is the latest sales and management training platform in the market today. From new hire training to advanced negotiating, from lead generation and follow-up to gaining a life long customer and more, KintzNOW is the source.

KintzNOW is the only platform that offers consistently updated & relevant material that delivers results.

You receive unlimited 24/7 access, accountability & real-time reporting, personal performance coach, customized training schedules & meetings.

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Make a good first impression with ProVideo NOW from the moment your digital inquires open your email. Respond to internet leads with a video email or text introducing yourself and your dealership.

Don’t send the same generic leads response that other dealerships are sending. Stand out in the inbox and prove your value.

ProVideo NOW  is the easiest way to record, send, and track personalized video emails and texts so you can stay connected, anywhere.

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Lead Converter makes sure your Digital Communication processes are followed effectively, thus ensuring accountability and repeatable results that deliver maximum ROI on your advertising dollar.

Know when your people are doing great, just okay, off-track or skipping steps so you can catch issues early and convert more prospects into appointments who show up!

Whether you’re in the store, on the beach, in the mountains – our alerts and virtual dashboard give you the real-time insights you need in order to manage and measure your team’s digital communication.

Simply put, Lead Converter inspects what you expect.

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NADA Academy Graduate and former dealership general manager, Tim Kintz has been working in car sales training for over two decades.

In that time, he’s dedicated his life to studying the automotive marketplace. He brings buyers, sellers, manufacturers, and service providers together to move more metal.

Tim’s real-world, relevant approach injects fun and competition back into car sales training. Simultaneously he drives measurable results. These results, coupled with the new, lively atmosphere are why dealers and managers across all of North America call Tim Kintz their “competitive advantage.”

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Get out of your comfort zone and step up to the challenge. This career can be everything you imagined, but it takes effort and persistence. I've got your back - let's do this together!

Don't get buried under "coulda-woulda-shouldas" wrapped in regret. Take action and reap the rewards. Motivation follows motion. Outprepare the competition and watch deals flow in.

You already have what it takes inside you. Unlock your potential with bite-sized tips from the pros at https://kintzgroup.com/kintznowsocialmediaad - your time is now! 

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Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Being a sales professional takes work - hours of practice behind the scenes before customers ever walk through the door. As I've mentioned, too many dealerships rely on out dated scripts and one-size-fits all techniques. But we know better. Success comes from turning knowledge into skills through repetition. Mastering the art of natural conversation instead of canned lines.

There's no quick fix or shortcut. You've got to tune out distractions and put in the "boring" work on the sales floor, just like athletes drilling plays at practice. But if you can push through, those skills become second nature. Your confidence will shine through in every customer interaction.

Want a look inside our training? https://kintzgroup.com/kintznowsocialmediaad shows how we build skills between sales. Check out this page for a peak at our exercises!🔥
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Negotiate out of Inspiration, Not Despiration

Stuck in the price focused negotiation rut?  

You're not alone! But what if there was a better way to close deals that benefits everyone involved?

Join us for a journey and discover a new approach to car sales negotiations that focuses on:

• Building rapport and understanding your customer's needs (it's not just about the numbers!)
• Presenting value and creating win-win solutions (happy customers = repeat customers!)
• Navigating the digital landscape and adapting to changing trends (stay ahead of the curve!)
• Ready to ditch the outdated tactics and unlock true negotiation freedom? Share your biggest negotiation struggles in the comments and let's find solutions together!

Download our free guide to modern car sales negotiation through the link in my bio!🔥
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We all start somewhere - what matters is having the drive to learn and improve.
My career began simply cleaning cars, but I was hungry to grow in automotive sales.
Along the way, I:
✅ Took guidance from experienced salespeople
✅ Invested time learning the basics of interacting with customers
✅ Worked my way up to management
✅ Took dealer training courses to develop expertise
✅ Decades later, I'm still learning and training daily to be better. The same drive that fueled my career can empower yours.
Let's connect to discuss how my customized training programs can help you achieve your sales and management goals!
The key is having the motivation to start small, learn all you can, and work hard to build your skills over time. With the right mindset and training, anyone can thrive in this industry! 💪
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