Leading the Sales Process

Maintaining control throughout the sales process is crucial, but it’s not always easy. Sometimes, a customer will walk on your lot and start bombarding you with questions. Instinctually you’ll want to answer them. This is normal. It’s a habit we need to break in the car industry though.

Control your Sales Process, control your Goals, control your FUTURE.

Now, I’m not saying ignore the questions your customers ask you. In fact, you’ll be doing the complete opposite. You’ll be acknowledging their questions just like before, only this time you redirect them. If a customer asks “Do you have this one in white?” it’s easy to say “yes” or “no.” That’s NOT what you should be doing though. Instead, answer their question with another question.

“Do you have this one in white?”

“I believe so, were you looking specifically for white or just light colors in general?”

With a redirect question, you’re opening the customer up to you and learning more of their hot buttons. You’re also guiding the direction of the conversation, thus staying in control. It’s simple. Take a moment to think of five common questions you get asked by customers. You know, the ones you probably always have the answer to because they’re asked so often. Now, instead of answering them like you normally would, redirect them. Answer them with questions of your own and see what happens.

Maybe a customer walks on your lot and says, “Hey, do you have any of the EXLs?” to which you respond, “I’m not really sure. Were you looking specifically for an EXL or would you consider an EX also?” Or maybe you’re negotiating and they say, “Well, I’m not sure I have the whole $1000 down right now. Can I do some now and some later?” While you may want to directly answer their question, remember the redirect methods and say something like “Well, I’m not really sure. Typically we need it upfront, but I’ll see if I can get my manager to allow you to split the payment in half. Is there any other reason we couldn’t go ahead and wrap it up?”

Redirection can happen at any point during the sales process. It doesn’t matter if they just walked on the lot or have been sitting in your chair for fifteen minutes. Acknowledging, and then answering a question with a question is a sure-fire way to remain in control and better your chances of closing that deal. You’ll have more opportunities to close a sale, you’ll make more money and you’ll have more fun doing it.

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