Sabermetrics in the Dealership: Knowing Your Sales Stats

Your Sales Stats

What is sales if not a game of skill, statistics and numbers?

Just like baseball, you can only control the game by honing your skills AND leveraging your sales stats. If you don’t, the game will control you. That’s the cold hard truth.

I’d wager to bet, you know your home team’s stats better than you know your own sales activity. These baseball stats might win you a couple of bucks but knowing your personal sales stats can make you rich. Shift your focus from baseball stats to your stats and watch the wins pile up.

Too often in our business, I hear salespeople hoping to have a good month. Baseball coaches don’t hope to win games, they strategically plan to win games. It’s time to get serious and stop hoping to hit your numbers and start guaranteeing your performance to a degree of scientific certainty.

Become a Sales Hall of Famer

Most of us aren’t tracking much more than how many vehicles we sell and how much money we make. We spend too much time worrying about the final score of the game than we do focusing on the steps to win the game. So, when our performance rises or falls, we have very little to no facts to support how we got there.

Take a cue from Sabermetrics, most famously used with the Oakland A’s and 2017’s World Champions, the Astros. In a nutshell, Sabermetrics scientifically analyzes past performance to predict future performance, specifically to pinpoint the actions needed to win. Why should our sales evaluations be any different?

What are your Sales Stats?

So let’s play some Sales Moneyball. You can get extraordinary World Champion results too by meticulously analyzing every aspect of your game with statistical, objective data. In sales, there are a number of stats that can tell us a great deal about your future successes and probable outcomes. If you want to ensure your success this month and every month out, here’s what you should be measuring:

  • How many people do you have to talk to hit your goal?
  • How many presentations do you have to do? And of those presentations, how many are customers are you demoing? How many of those turn into negotiations? Of those negotiations, how many turn into deliveries and what is the average profit margin?
  • How many write ups do you need?
  • How many equity mining opportunities do you need?
  • How many outgoing dailys do you need to make? How many contacts are you making? Of those contacts, how many are resulting in appointments? Of those appointments, how many are showing? Of those, how many are you delivering and what’s the average profit margin?
Make it happen!

Once you break your sales stats all the way down, in every single area, you’ll discover your tendencies and probabilities. Always be looking for your multiplier to budget out your goals. For example, if you talk to 50 people on average per month and sell 10 cars, your multiplier is 5. So, if your goal is to sell 12 cars, you need to talk to 60 people.

So set yourself up to get the most out of your day, every day, using your sales stats to determine what your outcomes are going to be. It may seem like a lot of effort, but I promise you the payoff is worth it. It’s worth it today, this month and for the rest of your career.

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