Feed the Beast & What Happened At NADA Show 2018

Dealership Model

The traditional dealership model is at a turning point. We’re experiencing competition from new fronts. Will we do what’s necessary to lead our stores to new horizons or allow others to render us obsolete and eventually extinct?

It’s no longer just the dealership down the street, there are new players and disruptors like Amazon, Walmart and Carvana looking to grab our piece of the market. It’s up to us as leaders to reinvent ourselves and take control of the future before it’s too late.

While we’re actively keeping our formulating plans and building the future, we must not neglect our current dealership model. We must feed the beast.

I believe there are 3 key phrases to make it happen now:

While we have our sights on the future, it is vital to continue to capitalize on every opportunity we currently have. We must not forget about making money and paying the bills today to fund what’s next.

  • Staying relevant and profitable moving into the future:

Some people believe that up to 50% of sales will soon be completed without the customer ever stepping foot in a dealership. Remaining relevant requires us to begin developing and building innovative processes and systems.

  • Formulate a plan to lead our team through the disruption:

We know there will be changes, now is the time to plan, and prepare our people. Change isn’t always easy, it requires a new mindset. Vision, specific plans, and strong leadership will be the difference between massive long-term success or future failure.

NADA 2018

Tim Kintz at NADA

Visit me at one of two NADA Dealer Education Workshops in Las Vegas on THURSDAY 22nd 1:00 pm or on FRIDAY 23rd 10:30 am where I’ll dig into these changes in detail, and reveal how they can become our competitive advantage.

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