Guaranteed Way To Become A Top Closer

Becoming The Top Closer

It’s All About Consistency & Repetition

There’s a guaranteed way to not only becoming a top closer but also the best salesperson at your dealership and/or company. This method can be applied to multiple positions in the automobile business from car sales, management and on to leadership. It’s simple, but not always easy.

Regardless of the sales process or sales methodology you may follow, your key to success in sales relies on two critical factors; consistency and repetition.

  • Consistency in delivery.
  • Repetition in practicing.
  • Consistency in using the words, questions, and closes.
  • Repetition in practicing.
  • Consistency in developing skills, getting your mind fit.
  • Repetition in working out your mind and training relentlessly.

Push Yourself.

You need to fill your mind with good information in the constant pursuit of knowledge. You gotta push yourself and do what’s uncomfortable if you want to succeed. Push through the pain, train your mind like you would train your body if you were preparing to go up against Muhammad Ali in the ring, and then push more, and do it again, and again…The highest level of greatness can only be achieved with serious practice and discipline.

“…when the action starts, it may not go the way you planned, and you’re down to the reflexes you developed in training. That’s where roadwork shows – the training you did in the dark of the mornin’ will show when you’re under the bright lights.” – Joe Frazier

Where are our bright lights in sales? Isn’t it when we’re face-to-face with a customer or on the phone with the customer? In the car business, it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day stuff. Then we end up stepping into the ring with the customer or on the lot and we end up practicing on our customers. But then we get knocked out 70%- 80% or more of the time.

It’s also easy to think we get paid for the time we spend with the customer. Yet the reality is we’re being paid for the practice, sales training and development we do daily – before we step in the ring. Training isn’t something we did, it’s something we do and we do it consistently and repetitively. When we put in the effort and the hours outside of our regular daily sales transactions, we will be reward with the reflexes to become the best salesperson on the planet. Top of the board. World champion. King Kong of sales.

Selling is the best career in the world when you’re good, but it sucks when you’re not.

“They Pay us for Practice, the Games are for Fun.” – Marvin Harrison

Practice makes perfect

Becoming the best sales person isn’t easy. But if you’re willing to:

  • continually gain knowledge
  • expand your mind
  • strengthen your abilities
  • have a strong work ethic
  • develop your craft
  • practice until it’s instinct and reflex,

Success will be yours! You will be unstoppable.

What I want you guys to do is take 15-20 mins a day to practice your skills. Because bottom line, amateurs practice until they get it right and pros practice until they can’t get it wrong! Some people have the resolve to push and make it happen, while others get tired and give up.

Which are you going to be?

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