How To Set & Crush Your Goals For 2020

Strategic Planning & Career Goals For The New Year

“Without a plan, you’re going nowhere.”

It’s the new year and that means New Year’s resolutions. But you know what I hate about New Year’s resolutions? When people tell me that they will set new goals like going to the gym or dieting when they become motivated. 

That’s crap.

If you say you’ll start working out next month, then you’ll still be out of shape in a year. Why? Because it’s action that creates true motivation. Motivation doesn’t magically appear. Don’t wait for the “perfect time” to start setting goals because there is no perfect time.

Look, we all have big dreams and good intentions, but that’s not enough to achieve our goals. You need discipline to achieve your dreams and goals. If you’ve failed to reach your goals in the past, chances are that failure came down to lack of discipline.

Your key to success relies on two critical factors; consistency and repetition.

So how can you successfully set and execute your goals for 2020?

How To Accomplish Your Goals:

1. Be Honest With Yourself When Setting Goals

Be realistic when planning out your goals for the new year. Make sure you consider the amount of time, dedication and willpower it will take to achieve them. But don’t low-ball your goals to ensure that you’ll reach them in time.

2. Write Down Your Short & Long Term Goals

Without the discipline to write down your goals, you’ll never have the discipline to execute on your dreams, goals or plans.

When you write down your goals, I want you to identify why your goals are important. Don’t be vague – what exactly do you want to accomplish? What are the specifics you will need to accomplish this? 

For example:

  • What specific skills are you going to develop?
  • What do you want to accomplish personally?

Make sure to keep a record as you move forward. By writing down your goals and progress, you will be able to go back and compare where you were last time and make the necessary changes when you reach step #5. Our Sales Playbook for Professionals is a perfect tool to keep track of your goals and keep you accountable for your successes.

3. Set A Timeline

If you don’t set a timeline on when you want to accomplish a goal then it will only remain a dream. Make sure to separate your goals into daily, monthly and yearly deadlines.

4. Create Your Action Plan

Create monthly & daily productivity plans with defined end goals. How do you plan to execute your goals? How often?

5. Review, Adapt & Adjust

Writing down your goals won’t be enough – you will also need to track your progress and review as you go. Set monthly reviews and ask yourself: What was your goal and did you meet your goal? What are you doing today to be better than yesterday? 

6. Succeed, reward, repeat 

With only one life to live, and much of that time spent in the dealership, we must take advantage of every moment. There’s no time to lose. Remember, the difference between where you are and where you want to be is discipline and determination.


right now, 

the choice is yours. 

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