Motivational Techniques for the Unmotivated

Motivational Techniques

In baseball, like in dealerships, managers practice one of two drastically different motivational techniques. Back in the day, the day being the late 1980’s, my premiere college baseball team’s manager and coach separately operated using the opposite approaches. Of course, they shared a passion for the sport, but that’s where the commonalities ended. So how did they end up producing professional players?

Our manager chose to use old school, traditional, fear-based methodology. On the opposite end of the spectrum, our coach preferred the progressive, incentivizing, frankly fun approach. Their methods would determine their futures. Limited success awaited our manager, while our coach found success with his motivational approach.

Create a Culture of Motivation

Coach’s success can be attributed to his preferred approach to lead by motivation on and off the field. His system centered on recognizing and rewarding players based on their progress and production. This stirred a culture of healthy competition while having fun in the process. The practice was rarely boring. Rather he transformed the traditionally monotonous training activities into opportunities for purposeful competition where winners were rewarded and losers were punished. This developed a highly motivated and skilled team that never wanted to let Coach down.

Become a Master Motivator

Develop your sales team like Coach. Maximize every sales person’s potential and create internal motivation while maintaining a fun and competitive atmosphere whether you’re winning or losing. Of the two motivational techniques, it’s the progressive method that will sustain your industry success for years to come. Your influence will either be memorable or forgettable, choose wisely.


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