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AUDIO – Closing for Commitment: The Way and Words for Becoming a Great Closer


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We all want those magic bullets that will make our jobs easier. In this program “Closing for Commitment: The Way and Words for Becoming a Great Closer,” I’m going to cover 25 closes, when to use them, how to execute them and most importantly how to learn them so they can be used in real time – at the speed of the deal.


Closes are more than just a set of fancy words or scripts, and not all are created equal. Some work better as a first attempt, while others work well when you’ve been at it for a while. So, I’ve categorized in three stages – you may or may not need all three in every instance, and some can be used in multiple stages, regardless, these categories should help you understand their context, their applications, and find the right words use at the right stage of the deal. At each stage, we’re trying to eliminate anything that might keep the customer from committing to the car.


Having the right words, and communicating them reflexively with conviction will transfer your confidence to them. Practice the closes on this program out loud over and over so that they become conversational, instinctual responses — and also learn when and where they’ll be useful to bring the customer closer to a commitment.


Not every deal will require closes from all three stages, because nothing will work 100 percent of the time. Our responsibility is to be prepared to capitalize on objections with a close that will overcome it and move them toward a commitment — their commitment, not yours.


Closing and Overcoming Objections
Three Stages of Closing
Tools for Frictionless Closing
Sold Row Close
Sold Row Close Part II
Assumptive Close
Assumptive Close Part II
Reflex Objection Close
Reflex Objection Close Part II
Confirmation Close
Confirmation Close Part II
Major Benefit Close
Major Benefit Close Part II
The 4 C’s Close
Hesitation Close
Hesitation Close Part II
Lost Key Close
Ben Franklin Close
Ben Franklin Close Part II
Role Reversal Close
Role Reversal Close Part II
Internet Report Close
Internet Report Close Part II
Total Cost of Ownership Close on the Lot
Total Cost of Ownership Close on the Lot Part II
Agree and Close
Agree and Close Part II
Check With My Spouse Close
Check With My Spouse Close Part II
Sleep On It Close
Sleep On It Close Part II
Too Much Pressure Close
Too Much Pressure Close Part II
Future Market Value Close
Future Market Value Close Part II
Kitchen Table Close
Kitchen Table Close Part II
Repeat Method Close
Repeat Method Close Part II
Time is Money Close
Time is Money Close Part II
Long Term Savings Close
Long Term Savings Close Part II
Home Delivery Close
Home Delivery Close Part II
Bully Customer Close
Bully Customer Close Part II
Whole World Close
Cheese Burger Close
Cheese Burger Close Part II


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