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Quarterly Sales Playbook & Sales Planner

  • (18 reviews)
billed quarterly

Improve productivity, boost confidence, and track success with the Quarterly Sales Playbook for Professionals. This sales planner is the tool you need to organize your day, week, month and year. Get focused on the most important daily actions that will move you towards your goals.

18 reviews for Quarterly Sales Playbook & Sales Planner

  1. Manuel Castro

    I love using the playbook to track my quarterly progress!

  2. Ali Jabbar Onayo

    I have been contemplating order this tool for awhile. I stumbled upon Tim’s motivational videos on YouTube and was impressed with his energy and insight. Then when my provider of organizers went out of business it was a no-brainer. I ordered it and was pleasantly surprised at Tim’s support staff. Particularly Brandon and Miranda. The are accessible and are positive teachers of three processes to make this tool work best. I have more units and Gross just using this planner for 2 weeks. I going to order Tim’s book from Amazon and have the most productive year of my 10 year career. Thank you Kintz Group.
    Ali Jabbar Onayo (check me out in Instagram)
    DuPage Jeep

  3. Jered N.

    No balls no books.
    Haven’t received balls or books

  4. Rick M.

    Ya I wouldn’t buy this again
    It’s ok , nothing over the top, lots of data entry

  5. Wayne I.

    Tim’s playbook is an excellent tool helping me sell more cars. I would certainly recommend it to all sales people.

  6. Bert M.

    Just what we needed
    So far the sales staff have been excited to have the Playbook. One said it was just what he had been looking for. I think the Playbook will help us focus our actions and activities.

  7. Chris S.

    Great program
    Our team is very happy with the training we received from Tim and are continuing with the playbooks. Excellent program.

  8. Rick M

    Wondering if there is any videos on how to properly use this book

    • Kintz

      Hi Rick,
      Thank you for reaching out! We do have a Playbook course available on-line. Please check your inbox for a direct link.

      – Kintz Sales Pro Store

  9. Sean Hourieon

    The Greatest|Gameplan Ever
    Kintz trianing has shown me what my true potential can be and how to unlock it. i started in this industry just under a year ago and i had an idea i would be rather good at it I just really had no idea how. After a few months of Kintz Online training, which was amazing we received what i call the single most important thing in my sales career The Playbook. i was doing well on my own training path but once our Managers introduced and implemented The Playbook my personal stats went through the roof. I have gone from relying on limited good looks and talent to being a trained professional with a cant miss statistically backed game plan and numbers dont lie. when people ask how do you leave a career in the electrical trade for one in sales i say it because its easier on the body but the fact is with KINTZ training and THE PLAYBOOK i will make nearly double what i made as an electrician last year. So this is a huge Thank You to My sales Managers Kelly Balmer especially for putting us on this path of training and Tim Kintz for developing this Gameplan and showing me the path to professional greatness. And last but most certainly not least our contact at KIntz Nicole Molash for always being there and supporting us. i love KINTZ
    Sean Hourie
    Trained Sales Professional
    Selkirk GM
    Selkirk Manitoba Canada

  10. Ashley Snifeld

    Playbooks are the BOMB.COM!!!
    I personally have been using Kintz Sales training for the past year. I ABSOLUTELY love the Playbook. I am a very busy consultant and this book keeps me on track Daily, Monthly and Yearly. I find my self more organized then ever before!!! Highly suggest picking one up and using it!!

    Ashley Snifeld
    Sales and Leasing
    Selkirk GM

  11. Lawrence Lee Smith

    So when I started in the industry I was all over the map, sticky notes everywhere and pretty much winged everyday I came into work. Now with the playbook I have each day planned out and always have my game plan for the next day. I have not been this organized ever and its amazing. I make sure and have each day planned were I’m not sitting around wasting time! So I’d like to thank the Kintz group for making my days more planned and more successful and looking forward to what the future has in store for me… Thanks

    – Lawrence Smith Selkirk GM

  12. Brittany

    Play Book !!
    I have been using kintz Training for 6 months now and I Love his Play book , keeps me on track and I am able to focus on my goals and compare them to last months , as well as keeping me organized through a busy day . I highly recommend this book to anyone!!

  13. Brittany Augeron

    I have been using kintz Training for 6 months now and I Love his Play book , keeps me on track and I am able to focus on my goals and compare them to last months , as well as keeping me organized through a busy day . I highly recommend this book to anyone!!

    Sales professional
    Selkirk Gm

  14. Ross Breuker

    Plan your day, everyday!
    The Kintz group has changed the way I approach each and every day by using the Playbook. What I like most about it is the fact it forces me to track my daily activities and hold myself accountable throughout each month.

    Being someone who learns best visually, I really find the charting helpful to see where I’m at throughout. This helps me stay focused on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to achieve my goals.

    The Playbook is a great tool to help you achieve your goals and have fun doing it!

  15. Logan Jacksonon

    Money Maker!
    There are many outstanding benefits to Tim’s playbook. What I found is that everyone in sales has a weakness/s, but where the issue lies is that we have no idea what they are! With Tim’s playbook it will show you clear as day where you need to improve to hit your daily,weekly and monthly goals! It keeps you HONEST with yourself and FORCES you to improve. Its by far the best investment that I have made in my time selling cars.!! Its a must have for your team -Chevy Jackson

  16. Jordan Mayer

    The Playbook for LIFE
    This book helps me every morning when I get to work. It helped me create a schedule for day to day life at work. It helps me remember what happened the day before. Lets me know what I’ve been doing all month, compared to last month. Its all right there in front of you. I know some people exaggerate their daily tasks completed. This book keeps it real, honest, and positive! If you’re looking to be better, get better, get a playbook!

    -Jordan Mayer
    Sales Professional

  17. Jerry C.

    Quartly Sales Playbook
    The book contains a great deal of helpful information. I feel that the hard cover makes it difficult to use (keep open) I would have liked a softer cover. Although I do find the information helpful and I enjoy tracking my goals and success, I fell that this product is very overpriced.

  18. Brandon Utley

    Recipe for Success
    Most great salespeople are not detail oriented and need a solid plan to put their talent into action. Tim’s playbook keeps it simple and helps our salespeople achieve better results and reach bigger goals. It ties everything we train on into a daily action plan to keep them on track for monthly success. Highly recommend it for anyone who wants to take their sales team to the next level!!!!

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