Sales Manager’s Daily Plan of Action

As a sales manager, every day at the dealership can feel like a grind when spending the entire day putting out fires, chasing stips for F&I, and not feeling like there’s enough time to get everything done. If this is the case, you might find yourself asking, “What am I doing wrong?” and “What do I need to change to be more effective and productive every single day?”

Our priority should be our salespeople. Once we realize we’re in the people business first and foremost and the car business second, it becomes very easy to prioritize our day. As a leader, we must set the example for our sales team. It’s easy.

1. Be Early

The easiest one of all – the first one in, last one out.

2. Be Fired Up

You’re the coach, throw out high fives and dish out encouragement by the ton.

3. Morning Group Training

Start your sales team’s day on the right foot by engaging in some Morning Group Training to get your team’s head focused and ready to attack the day.

4. Individual 1 on 1’s

Non-negotiable. It can be 20 minutes, it can be 5 minutes. Regardless, you interact, observe and coach your salespeople individually every single day. Ultimately, you want to be reviewing their daily plan. Most salespeople have good intentions, they just don’t have a good plan. If they don’t have a good plan, and you don’t have a good consistent tool to use to coach and motivate them with, check out the Sales Playbook.

5. Engage Throughout the Day with your Salespeople

Salespeople don’t have bad months. They have bad hours that turn into bad days that turn into bad weeks that spiral into bad months. Help curb the bad hours by setting an alarm every 2 hours to walk the floor and check in with each salesperson. It’s easy to get buried in the office all day. Don’t let it happen to you. Set an alarm and get on the floor.

6. Involvement Early and Often on Sales Deals

Introduce yourself to each and every guest. If need be, help your salespeople tee up the pre-demo trade walk and be there after the T/O demo. If your salesperson is apprehensive, jump in and take over the negotiation. You’re not there to send your team out to fail, you’re there to set them up for success. This step is crucial. I promise you’re going to close more deals, make more money, your salespeople are going to be more successful. Your job gets easy when your people get good.

Remember, first and foremost, to ask yourself daily, “What am I going to do today to make my people better than they were yesterday?”

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