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There’s a guaranteed way to become a top closer and the best salesperson at your dealership, your company, and your brand. Regardless of the sales process, sales methodology or tips you follow, your key to success in sales relies on two critical factors; consistency and repetition.

In the car business, it’s easy to get caught up in the grind of the day, and the race to the end of the month. We end up stepping into the ‘ring’ or out on the lot with the customer and instead of practicing before them, we practice on them and we get knocked out 80% or more of the time.

The reality is we’re not paid for the work we do from bell to bell, we’re paid for the practice, training, and development we do daily, in between customers, before we step into the ring. Prepare, so you can consistently knock out your competition and avoid getting knocked out by your customer.


Take action and join me for our next
High Performance Sales Workshop
in Dallas January 8-9, 2018.


In my 2 day, High Performance Sales Training Workshop attendees will learn…

  • How to set up successful win/win negotiations
  • How to sell to today’s informed buyers
  • How to handle the toughest objections
  • How to come to the desk prepared
  • How to close for commitment
  • How to develop a winning daily action plan
  • How to get consistently high CSI
  • How to create separation in a competitive market
  • How to become a gross maximizer

Selling is the best career in the world when you’re good, it sucks when you’re not.
Becoming the best sales person isn’t a right and it isn’t easy, but if you’re willing to continually gain knowledge, expand your mind, your abilities, have a strong work ethic, and develop your craft and practice until it’s instinct and reflex, success will be yours! You will be unstoppable.

In this Sales Training Workshop, Tim Kintz will sharpen your selling skills so that you’re able to rise above the competition and stay there.

Call 844-KINTZ-NOW or email sales@kintzgroup.com for more info.

I’ll see you there.

– Tim Kintz

Can’t make it to Atlanta? Visit kintzgroup.eventbrite.com to find a workshop location near you!



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