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AUDIO | Negotiating for Gross: The Art of Negotiating Deals in The Car Business


DIGITAL DOWNLOAD | 45 Audio Tracks

Volume is your Job – Gross determines how well you do it — in other words, we close on the car, and we negotiate for gross. For most people, the Negotiation is probably the most stressful point of the sale — for the customer and us.


This program may challenge your current thinking on negotiating, This is tricky stuff, and I don’t expect that everyone who listens will be able to do all of the things I’m talking about here. What I do expect is for you to have an open mind.


I know how much success awaits on the other side of this negotiating process, I also know it’s a lot of work. You’ll have to be willing to put in the effort and practice required, if you want to become a great negotiator. It’s far easier to make excuses, and try and justify why something won’t work than to adopt the new techniques you’ll hear in this program.


If you’re up for a challenge, and to become even better than you already are, this audio program on negotiating is for you.


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