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Skills Drills Game: Vegas Line Volley

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Spike your profits and your skills with the Vegas Line Volley Game. Designed to keep your team on their toes and combat any “no” a customer might come up with, this set prepares your sales consultants to close even the toughest deal.

Drawing its name from the volleyball play in which someone spikes the ball hard enough to break through an opposing line of blockers, scoring a point; this skills drills practice set is the perfect tool for salespeople to practice bypassing questions, handling objections, closing techniques, and other obstacles blocking them from the close.

5 reviews for Skills Drills Game: Vegas Line Volley

  1. Felix Hernandez

    We use them weekly and our staff love being able to incorporate different scenarios while thinking quick and on their feet.

  2. Rick Kruger

    At our dealership we keep our selling skills sharp by using the volleyballs every single week to hone our skills constantly. If you’re not practicing you’re not winning! If you don’t have them you need them they’re a great investment.

  3. Aldric Smith

    Sharpen Your Team
    I’ve seen the weakest sales associate become strong because we use these almost daily. This will train anyone to learn to think faster than an attorney when it comes to an objection.

    Sales Manager
    Jimmy Britt CDJR

  4. JOHN M.

    They are awesome
    WE used them almost daily for training. WE tie them in with videos then role play

  5. Madison J.

    Great product
    I love these things. Excellent quality material, and consistent with the training I experienced in class.

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