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Burn or Build Sales Competition

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The weekly sales competition proven to increase closing ratios, Build or Burn encourages everyone on the team to work harder to move more metal. The 2.5 lb. golden “Relationship Builder” dumbbell serves as the trophy everyone is gunning for, while the 11 inch charcoal “Burning Through Ups” extinguisher is the one they’re trying to avoid.

1 review for Burn or Build Sales Competition

  1. Rick Kruger

    At our dealership we keep track of who is doing well and who is not. Call five for the weights you must have at least a minimum of 40 leads and have the highest closing percentage to win. The fire extinguisher at the end of the month goes to the person who has the least amount of gross on the front end. It helps everybody do their best and to push the once in need by having fun at the same time!!

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