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Heavy Hitter Game

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Grow your grosses with the Heavy Hitter Game–a competition bound to knock the deals right out of the park.

Each of these three bats embodies a different level of success: good, great, and exceptional grosses. The values of the silver Home Run bat, gold Grand Slam bat, and black Cycle bat will vary based on your dealership, but each lingers in the six figures at the end of every season.

To begin, you’ll want the starter set which includes a Home Run, Grand Slam, and Cycle bat as well as two custom sharpies, three scorebooks, and an instruction manual. Once the game is in full swing, however, you can purchase additional sets of three as you need them. Welcome to the Big Leagues!

3 reviews for Heavy Hitter Game


    We have been with the Kintz Group for a little over a month and I must say it is not your normal training that we do on a daily basis. The Kintz Group turned normal training into a fun sports related group session. What I enjoy most that they do is the bonus structure with the baseball bats. The 3 goals that we set up for our store involves a Black, Gold, and Silver bat. Each winner for each bat has to sign their names on the bats and we hang them in our store for motivation. In the beginning of every month is when we reveal winners and it started a friendly competition with the team. Honestly a great idea. The case that the bats came in also comes with baseballs as well as booklets for each bat. Highly recommend the Kintz Group and our rep Nicole!

  2. Gary H.

    Bat’s Volley Balls
    Very awesome Really like the Volley Balls so far we just started back with the Bat’s cause of the Covid 19 but we do have 10 Bat’s hanging on the wall in the Sales Tower plus we also pay Bonuses on this Bats for the most signatures first Place 400.00 second place 300.00 and third place 100.00

  3. Aldric Smith

    Heavy Hitters
    Every Friday morning in our sales meetings, nothing brings more joy to the sales associates than being called up for the “signing of the bat.” From silver to black, this lets the group know who’s been heavy hitting with some serious gross.

    Sales Manager
    Jimmy Britt CDJR

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